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Top 6 Healthcare Device Companies in the Bay Area in 2020

The birthplace of many life-changing and society-shaping technologies is the Bay Area in California. Today, we look at the present-day companies from Silicon Valley that strive to improve people’s physical and emotional health through science and technology.

Let’s dive into the top healthcare device companies in the Bay Area!


CloudCath is another sign that the healthcare industry continuously moves to the remote. The company is in the process of developing an IoT device helping patients in catheter-based treatments. CloudCath’s aim is to decrease the number of hospitalizations thanks to real-time monitoring and the Patient Management System software tool. The device can be set-up in seconds and paired via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


Kinsa is a public health company that strives to limit the spread of contagious diseases. Undoubtedly, companies like Kinsa are worth your weight in gold right now. The company develops products like a smart thermometer. In addition to the device, users have access to a mobile app that provides information about illnesses in their location and offers COVID-19 symptoms and diagnosis support. Moreover, Kinsa delivers insights to detect and manage outbreaks of diseases as an enterprise solution.


Molekule is a winning combination of technology and science. The company developed air purifiers with patented Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology, destroying pollutants at the molecular level. This is a significant difference between other purifiers as they usually collect, but don’t destroy the pollutants—bacteria and allergens. Besides being backed by research, the purifiers are also stylish and come in two sizes, depending on the room’s size.


Feel is a new approach to smartbands. Unlike the majority of wrist wearable devices that focus on physical condition, Feel focuses on users’ mental health. The band continuously monitors psychological signals, creating patterns for analysis. A smart app connects to the band and registers all information, with real-time support. Feel also provides an educational program for the long-term building of positive habits. Moreover, the data collected by the band and stored in the app are analyzed during 15-minutes weekly talks with licensed therapists.


AliveCor has developed a medical-grade, portable device for EKG measurements. This pocket-size, FDA-cleared smart device connects to a mobile app to detect the heart rhythm. It detects irregularities like Atrial Fibrillation (fast heart rate) or Bradycardia (slow heart rate). The device is easy to use and affordable. Moreover, every 90 days, the users receive a data-based review of the results, prepared by certified cardiologists.


Willow developed a new, modern breast pump. Willow’s patented no-spill technology enables unrestricted, hands-free movement, so women can do yoga or work during pumping. Listed in Time’s 25 Best Inventions, the company continuously improves its designs.

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