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Top 5 Healthcare Device Companies in New York City in 2020

We have been living in social distancing for many months now. While some necessities like food can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep, some are tricky. As the virus continues to spread, many people are afraid to visit their physicians and schedule check-up. That is why remote healthcare is essential for this new reality.

New Yorkers are suffering from COVID-19 tremendously. On the positive note, the Big Apple has produced some fantastic companies that try to leverage healthcare wearable devices to help patients stay healthy during these uncertain times. Here are the top 4 healthcare companies in New York City!


DarioHealth offers a diabetes management solution through a wearable device connected to a mobile app. The device is portable, giving the glucose level results in only 6 seconds—and accurately so. All the results are store in the application for later analysis. The mobile app ensures additional key metrics, such as carbohydrates and medicine intake and physical activity—which helps control blood sugar levels. Since its foundation in 2011, DarioHealth can be proud of the results of its wearable device, with the most impressive being the 58% decrease in hyperglycemic events in users.


TytoCare might just revolutionize the way we are examined by physicians. The company offers a set of smart devices, including otoscope (ears), stethoscope (lungs and heart), and a multifunctional device with a camera. Those devices can be used by the parents to examine their children. The doctor is right there with them to provide guidance and recommendations through a mobile app. Without the need to go out, parents can take quickly check several discomforts suffered by their children. It includes simple activities like checking the temperature to more sophisticated ones—listening to lung and abdomen sounds.


Nanotronics redefines factory control through the application of Artificial Intelligence and automation. Its mission is to improve the sustainability and cost of operation across industries, including healthcare. Nanotronics offers a range of automated optical inspection systems, including nSpec® LS—the most advanced microscope and nSpec® 3D for topography and inspection of complex materials. As for the future, the company wants to further develop the aipc™—Artificial Intelligence Process Control that makes a factory smarter and more sustainable.


The founders of quip applied the UX approach in designing their products. In the technology- and marketing-driven world of consumer products, getting lost in the gimmicks might happen to anyone. quip wanted to change people’s attitudes towards dentists and dental care. They have created a simple electric toothbrush with heads refilled every three months. Moreover, quip users have access to a web platform that connects them with the dentist, providing check-up reminders. It goes to show that not every successful technology-company must be heavily focused on the tech part. And with 4 million products sold, it’s a success no matter how you brush it.

Eight Sleep

With Eight Sleep, you will sleep like a baby and comfortably too. All this, thanks to a mattress based on patented technology, which adjusts the temperature, measures your REM and deep sleep. The information on your sleep patterns can be found on—you guessed it—mobile application. The app includes sleeping insights and meditations. Eight Sleep was named the most innovative company by the TIME magazine twice in a row.

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