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Top 10 Wearable Startups in Healthcare to Follow in 2020

According to IndustryARC, wearable medical devices will generate sales worth \$41.3 billion by 2020. Last year, health monitoring and diagnostic wearables contributed 78% of sales. With the growing need for remote healthcare wearables, there are more and more interesting startups to check out.

This is why we’ve prepared a list of top wearable startups in healthcare, so you don’t have to!


Lifee is a startup that wants to get kids to move! According to research, 2 out of 3 kids in Sweden are active below recommendations. The Lifee smart wristband motivates kids to stay active through gamification—getting points for moving, or for collecting creatures in a mobile app. And—it works! The number of kids reaching WHO’s goal increased by 87% thanks to using the wearable.


Wavr is dedicated to creating smart tech for a future with healthier and safer people. They developed the BSN platform: telemetry suits and mobile apps enhanced by AI that gather data on the biomechanical motion. Their BSN tech can prove useful in areas of physical and high-risk work, preventing hazards and making work environments better.

A smart watch on the wrist


Bioservo develops wearable muscle strengthening systems meant for people who need extra power to support their body’s endurance and performance, as well as for those who have a reduced muscular strength. Their Ironhand system helps industry workers to use less force when performing repetitive tasks and their Carbonhand glove is perfect for everyday chores and getting back to work after an injury.

Walk with Path

Parkinson’s disease can pose many challenges for people, including walking problems; Freezing of Gait (FoG) is a symptom causing an individual to feel as if frozen to the ground. Walk with Path decided to tackle this issue, and created LaserShoes—two pieces of wearable a user puts on his or her shoes. The device projects a straight, laser line while the user is walking. Following the visual cues by the user, provides active feedback and assistance in making steps. The solution proves to be extremely effective in making those who have Parkinson’s walk easily and confidently in their everyday lives.

Coala Life

When it comes to heart diseases, late diagnosis can lead to death. A Coala solution can help—it’s a patented and commercial service for remote monitoring and self-screening of heart sounds and ECG. Patch-free and award-winning, the Coala Heart Monitor connects wirelessly to a smartphone and captures data in just a minute. The results show in the user’s app and are sent to the healthcare provider for better diagnosis.


Something for every dog lover. A smart wearable for your four-legged friend, that allows you to keep track of its health and wellness. Thanks to the IoT technology, you can see how active your dog is, how long it rests and how is it feeling in general (e.g. too hot or too cold). The longer you use it, the more detailed data you’ll get on your mobile app. Currently, the solution is available for preorder so if you’re looking for something extra to help you look after your buddy, head over to the Anaxeos site.


Muscle measurement in your clothing! Myontec produces smart clothing that gives you feedback on muscle load, performance technique, muscle balance, the efficiency and intensity of muscle work. Perfect for athletes and industry workers, it can also have a massive impact on healthcare and rehabilitation. According to the startup, combining muscle behavior and heart rate data is key to a healthier and more productive life.


The future of sun protection is here! Too much UV exposure can lead to serious skin issues, even skin cancer. SunSense wearable can keep track of the sun exposure in real-time and notify you with an alarm if you reach the daily safe accumulated UV dose limit. You can adjust your UV tracker to your specific skin tone and enjoy the sun, with or without the sunscreen!

SunSense wearable lying next to the pool in the sunshine.

Prediktor Medical

Most glucose meters use non-reusable strips and sensor threads. BioMKR one is a non-invasive, continuous glucose monitor with no consumables. The wearable device has physical sensors that measure glucose concentrations in your body without penetrating your skin. The screen displays dynamic curves that help you better understand your glucose levels and manage your diet.


Cortium’s goal is to deliver accessible, smart devices for healthcare. Their first product, The C3 Holter Monitor, is a revolution in ECG recordings. It’s a wireless and easy way for doctors to screen their patients for arrhythmia. The wearable solution can be integrated with other analysis software solutions, whether it’s a stand-alone app or a cloud-based solution.

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