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Top 10 Tech Startups from Berlin to Know

Here comes our list of top Berlin startups to know in the tech industry:

Lofelt—The science of touch

Lofelt specializes in the haptic technology—the science of touch. Their firmware and hardware solutions enhance the experience of listening to music, playing VR/AR or using smartphones. Lofelt’s first product the Basslet is a silent subwoofer (loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass sounds) for your wrist that tricks your brain into thinking you are exposed to the actual sub-buss. Now, Lofelt has been focused on B2B products, among others the production of haptic motors (pictured below).

The picture comes from the Lofelt press kit.

Caterna—Helping children one game at a time

Caterna games are specially designed for children with amblyopia (lazy eye). The product can be used as an additional treatment during the occlusion therapy when a dominant eye is patched up and the other one is being trained to regain connection with the brain. A child can choose from 9 different games set on a special wave pattern background that helps to stimulate the eye. According to Caterna a child’s vision can improve after 3 months of daily therapy. #PositiveTech as we like it!

Horizn Studios—Smart travel assistant

Smart traveling in..a bag. Horizn travel suitcases have a 30-year guarantee, have one-click removable chargers approved by all airlines, 360-degree spinner wheels and… one-year free access to Horizn GO—a personal travel assistant. Horizn GO helps you set up hotel reservations, flights, find that great local coffee place and provides you with some great discounts. Luggage that comes with a travel assistant? The future is here.

N26—Disruptive bank from Berlin

N26—a bank in your phone— has reached over 1.5 million customers across Austria, Belgium, Germany, Poland, UK and other European markets. And, at the beginning of next year, it will conquer the US! N26 was created in 2013 to meet mobile consumers halfway and make their banking experience as easy and cheap as it is with any app today.

The picture comes from the N26 press kit.

Panono—Seeing the full picture

If you need some high quality and fast 360° photo content, Panono are your guys. Using 360 degrees photography on your company’s website or social media can enhance engagement and customer loyalty. Plus it’s a great, interactive way of showcasing your product/ space/ behind-the-scenes.

Kontist—Berlin-style bookkeeping

Kontist supports the freelancers and their work by giving them a mobile business bank account with tax calculation. It basically does the bookkeeping for you and it’s free! For now, it’s only available in Germany, but wouldn’t we all want to have our taxes calculated and deducted in real time by a personal bookkeeper from our pocket one day?

Penta—Banking platform for small businesses

Penta is a banking platform of connected services, which allow for a complex and comprehensive experience. As it states on their website “Penta is designed for small business and startups that value their time and money”. It’s popular among startups and SMEs all over Germany coming from various industries, eg. e-commerce, digital solutions, marketing etc.

The picture comes from the Penta press kit.

MoBerries—Job search made easy

Job search platform without…the job search. MoBerries does the work for you by matching you with the best-suited business and tech jobs in Europe. Just create your profile, wait for the system to give you options in real-time and apply or decline with one click. No more cover letters and additional costs. Say hello to the transparent job market.

Ada Health—Medical library in an app

Ada Health brings personalized and effective healthcare thanks to AI. Headache? Fever? Nose bleed? Ada app walks you through a series of questions about your symptoms, compares the answers to other users’ and helps you find the most likely explanation. Of course, the app doesn’t stop there—it also suggest what you should do next: book a doctor’s appointment, find the right care at home or a pharmacy. Ada’s medical library is written and researched by doctors, scientists and medical scholars. We all google our symptoms anyway, so why not do it with a secure app used by millions?;)

The picture comes from the Ada Health press kit.

Mimi Hearing—Experience music your way

The award-winning technology by Mimi is changing the way we experience music. Their hearing test app has over million downloads from 150 countries! Because of that it’s also the largest hearing profiles database in the world. Mimi can recognize and adapt music to your own unique hearing capabilities, even for those with hearing problems. The “sound of music” as it was meant to be heard.

What do you think of our list? If you have some other awesome startups based in Berlin we should include—let us know!;)

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Content Marketing Manager

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