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Top 10 Tech Solutions to Check out While #StayingHome

There’s no doubt that the current COVID-19 pandemic will majorly affect the economy—often badly. Still, there are certain industries that will not only withstand this difficult time but possibly thrive because of it. Virtual healthcare, delivery tech, fitness apps, or solutions for remote education are just some areas of digital tech that are proving to be extremely helpful to the users during social distancing and quarantine.

Here’s our list of tech solutions and startups for #StayingHome!


Can a cute mini-robot help your kids’ education? Ozobot can! It teaches small and older kids about coding, through off-screen (color codes done with special markers) and on-screen (OzoBlocky editor) activities. A perfect educational tool to use in the classroom, as well as at home. Let your kid start an inspiring journey with programming!

Ozobot robot laying next to the laptop, used by a person. Source: Ozobot press kit


Nuro’s objective is to keep “accelerating a future where robots make life easier and help us connect to the people and things we love”. Their self-driving cars are meant for transporting local goods, like groceries, dinner, even dry cleaning. Efficient, electric, and fully autonomous Nuro cars might help bring the future to the present.


Kanthaka is a mobile app that helps you book personal trainers at home. With the COVID-19 outbreak, the company noticed a big spike in their salespeople simply feel more comfortable having one trainer at home, rather than attending a crowded gym. Kanthaka decided also to meet its 60+ customers halfway and prepared a streaming service. Now people can enjoy a personal training session via video.


Bike, treadmill, or gym class? Whichever one you get, having Peloton is like having a personal trainer at home. You can join live workouts prepared by experienced trainers, or stream on-demand when you can. #Stayinghome shouldn’t mean turning into a couch potato, right (…right)?

A girl using Peloton bike Source: Peloton press kit


Zipnosis wants to change the status quo in the US healthcare system by providing virtual medicine solutions meant both for patients and clinicians. The healthcare experience by Zipnosis involves quick consultations and treatments on urgent care, follow-up and surgical care, behavioral health, occupational medicine and more.


Why risk going to the doctor’s office during the COVID-19 times, when you can ask them about your symptoms via video call, or by messaging and sharing photos? Hale is a cloud-based, secure virtual medicine platform that helps health teams deliver better patient experience by increasing capacity, improving access and driving results.


Local delivery made cost-efficient, faster, and smarter. Starship’s goal is to revolutionize food and package deliveries, offering people convenient new services thanks to their self-driving robots. They move at pedestrian speed, carry items within a 6km radius, and are electric!

A person using a Starship's self-driving robot Source: Starship press kit


A family doctor in a device? Say hello to Higo, which gives you a medical examination from the comfort of your home. Thanks to the exchangeable modules, you can, among others, check your temperature, perform an ear exam, record your cough or measure your heart rate. Once you fill out a questionnaire and get the tests done, you can send the data to your doctor for a diagnosis.


Patient-engagement tech both for physicians and those who are seeking medical care. Gyant Front Door is an AI-powered tool that can be integrated with a patient portal in order to help users find appropriate venues for care. Gyant Clipboard solution helps healthcare providers offer the best service by lowering the average handling time.

Asana Rebel

A holistic approach to fitness. With Asana Rebel mobile app, you’ll learn how to make better choices for your health, meditate, fall asleep easily and, of course, work out—anything from yoga to cardio. Through their videos, music, soothing sounds, and quizzes, you’ll become your personal trainer and spiritual guide in one.

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