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Top 10 Canadian Wearable Startups You Should Know in 2020

Recently we talked about the best healthcare tech companies in Canada. Today we’re coming back to the home of maple syrup for top wearable tech startups that change the game in fitness and well-being one solution at a time.


Wiivv is custom footwear meant to improve comfort and reduce fatigue. Their wearable tech products help people with a foot ailment, like flat feet or high arches, and make exercising more safe. You can order your own pair of custom insoles or sandals by taking photos of your feet using the award-winning Wivv App. Thanks to Wiivv all your shoes are going to feel like they were made just for you.


Myant is a wearable tech startup that produces textiles which unlock human potential. They offer Textile Computing services—incorporating sensors and actuators into everyday clothing, allowing them to react to the body. Mayant believes that by doing so they can improve almost every aspect of human life: healthcare, fitness, workplace safety, automotive industry and so on. One of their products called Skiin can monitor the health and well-being of the elderly—all they have to do is wear garments powered by the tool.


LifeBooster startup believes that data can eliminate preventable workplace injuries. Their LieBooster Senz platform uses analytics software to detect and analyze injury risks. The data is collected in real-time via wearable sensors and stored in the secure cloud. The platform allows employers to establish upper body movement baselines for newly hired people in order to prevent injuries or for injured workers to help them return-to-work.


Proxxi Voltage is a smart wristband that radically reduces the risk of electrical contact injuries by detecting electricity. It vibrates whenever you’re too close to unsecured wires, when the voltage is too high or has been suddenly changed. Thanks to the mobile app you can find out more details of the potential health risk. The company also offers Proxxi Contact wearable device that alerts workers when they don’t keep COVID-19 social distancing recommendations.

Woman using a wearable device (Photo taken from the Muse press kit)


Muse is a wearable device that can give real-life feedback on your brain and body activity to improve your meditation and sleep. Muse wearable headband is basically a EEG device that uses advanced signal processing to translate your brainwaves, interpret your mental activity, and help guide you. If your mind is calm, Muse plays sounds of peaceful weather—if your mind is busy, you’ll hear storms, which should be your cue to try to bring your attention back to your breath.


PUSH is a connected system that empowers trainers to track the performance and progress of athletes. It consists of a web portal (which allows to plan workouts and check data in real-time), a mobile app for remote coaching, and a smart wristband that uses the latest algorithm to gather insights on the athlete’s body. This wearable tech will push you to be your strongest self!


Nymi workplace wearable is designed with the health and safety of the workers in mind. Their smart wristband keeps track of the COVID-19 social distancing with physical danger alerts. And, it’s secure thanks to the biometric identification and continuous authentication. You can use Nymi to unlock the door, log in and out of the work systems, and check daily data to see which people you were in contact with.


The most important thing for a competitive swimmer is to swim faster. TritonWear helps swimmers access their strengths and weaknesses, and work towards their goals. The wearable is placed underneath the swimming cap, where it gathers all the necessary data both for the swimmer and their trainer: a number of breaths, time spent underwater, push-off force and so on. All to see at which point the swimmer is losing precious time.


According to Librestream, it’s time to give industry workers the upgraded, high-tech tools, to help them do their job safely and easily. They want their clients to increase operational efficiency with AI, AI and IoT solutions. The Onsight platform offers a range of specialized software solutions, e.g. expert guidance for remote collaboration, digital work instructions for paperless procedures, and a field intelligence solution. They also have specialized hardware pieces, like Onsight Cube—a wearable device with thermal and optical views.


XCO is focused on advancing human health and performance through measuring movement, cognition and biometrics. Their XPS™ Technology is a local positioning system that measures location in 3D and consists of a wearable device that transmits the ultra-wideband (UWB) radio waves to a tracking hub. The wearable captures biometric information and the exact location, speed, and acceleration of a user.

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