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Top 10 Berlin Startups to Watch in 2020

Last year, we traveled to Berlin quite extensively—for conferences and meetups, as well as business meetings. We begin 2020 in the same fashion, going to Bosch ConnectedWorld, taking place between the 19th and 20th of February.

The Berlin startup scene is rich in disruptive ideas and attractive funding opportunities. No wonder that the German capital steadily becomes THE technological hub in Europe and a prominent spot on the IT world map.

Today, we have prepared a list of top startups in Berlin.


Scoutbee aims to make supplies procurement smarter and faster. Established in 2015, Scoutbee provides a software-as-a-service suite called ARTIMIS, consisting of two products—DeepSee and Streamline. The products leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and cloud to enable its customers an efficient supplier discovery. The company employs over a hundred people and features house-hold names like Audi and Airbus in its client portfolio. Recently, Scoutbee acquired \\\\$60 million in series B funding, ensuring its bright future.


InstaFreight is your one-stop-shop for all forwarding needs. The process is fully digitized to meet modern standards, including track & trace and document handling. Everything can be set up within minutes on an online platform, ensuring the reliability and transparency of data. The prices are based on real-time demand, and the status of each delivery can be monitored in real-time across all Europe.


Grover has a very interesting concept for all technology enthusiasts. The premise of their service is that tech evolves quickly, and it’s not necessarily a cheap affair. So, instead of buying all your devices and upgrading each year, why not rent them? Grover offers a wide range of products, from smartwatches, consoles, to GoPro cameras. The company takes responsibility for damage in 90% of cases, so you don’t have to worry.


Business trips, especially in B2B companies, are an essential part of growth. Managing a large number of trips around the world is challenging. That is how Comtravo was born. The company provides a travel management system, enabling you to quickly book a flight, establish travel policies, manage expenses—all inside of an app. The solution uses Artificial Intelligence to yield the best connections and accommodations.


Tier lets you move around the city faster. The mobility service features an app in which you can rent an electric scooter. Starting in Berlin, Tier began to conquer other German cities, as well as other capitals like Helsinki, Oslo, Paris, and Copenhagen—now providing their electric scooter ride-sharing services in 33 cities.



Travelcircus facilitates incredible adventures with friends, staying at five-star hotels, and engaging in awesome activities. The company offers premium getaways in the form of already prepared packs, featuring flight, accommodation, meals, and itineraries. Over 800.00 have already used Travelcricus’ services and 5 million EUR in series A financing ascertain that the company will strengthen its position on the market.


Datarde is a platform connecting data providers and buyers. Their portfolio includes leads, IoT, financial & stock market, SEO data, and many more. For instance, mobile application downloads data can help with user prediction and pattern recognition. Thanks to Datarade, the process of acquiring verified data is streamlined, without the need to spend months on extensive market research. SAP.iO Foundry, a startup accelerator in Berlin, is among the investors.


Plantix is a platform for farmers and agricultural workers designed to help you with any plant-related problems. The most impressive feature of the platform is the possibility of scanning your plant and, in seconds, receiving the name of the plant and its potential disease. The community built around Plantix is also remarkable, with hundreds of posts and answers regarding plants’ health. On top of that, the company provides a Crop Advisory—reminding you to water the plant, etc.—and the largest database with plant problems and treatments.


Omio is amongst the leaders in the travel booking market. Formerly known as GoEuro, the company went through a rebranding, providing an intuitive and visually pleasing platform, while still focusing on enabling fast travel search, including planes, buses, or trains across Europe, the US, and Canada. Omio is available in 35 countries and has 27 million monthly users—riding smoothly in the business class.


i2x was created to help sales agents and managers increase their sales. The software records all calls, and—thanks to machine learning and unique data inputted by a company—analyses the dos and don’ts in real-time. I2x can facilitate the onboarding process of new employees, receiving performance after each call, and reaching conclusions based on Big Data.

If you happen to be in Berlin at the time of the Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 conference and want to talk about the best startups, your product or project, Piotr Herstowski and Sandra Renko will more happy to oblige!

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