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The Story of Something Unique—Polidea’s Rebranding Project

The term “brand” in the context of a company’s identity was coined in the US together with the birth of packaged goods like Coca-Cola, back in the 1880’s. Since then, a lot of industry experts have come up with different definitions of the word. With the rise of the brand-gurus like Nike or Apple, the definition by Marty Neumeier, a go-to branding expert, seems to be the most relevant today:

“A brand is not a logo. A brand is not an identity. A brand is not a product. A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”

This is the idea of a brand that kicked off the rebranding of Polidea.

Getting a makeover for our 10th birthday!

Why we needed a makeover

As you’ve probably noticed, a lot has changed when it comes to Polidea’s ‘looks’ since last week. So, why did we do it?

Short version: as we turned 10 this year, a round anniversary is a good time to reflect on where we started as a company, where we are now, what works and what doesn’t.

Long version? When Polidea was founded, in 2009, smartphones were just starting to be “the thing.” The big tech revolution was around the corner. Back then, we were just a small startup full of engineers focused on mobile technologies. With time, as the industry was changing, we were changing along with it—adding new blocks of expertise, expanding our team, introducing UX and UI design, working on IoT, BLE, and—recently—cloud services.

Together with the business changes and growing in numbers, we naturally grew in our culture and values as well. We started endorsing a feedback culture, partnership, seeing value in diversity, honesty, and caring about a balanced workplace.

The process happened organically over the years, and one day we suddenly realized—it’s not visible outside anymore. It turned out that how we are seen by our potential clients and candidates via our brand identity and who we actually are as a company is no longer aligned 1:1. When one of our recently hired talents said—“you know, to be honest, you are way cooler than I expected,” we knew the time has come for a big rebranding revolution!

Day 0—releasing new branding.

Rebranding—powered by Polidea

Here’s what rebranding wasn’t to us: changing who we are. We knew what we have. The idea was to emphasize that and figure out a way to communicate the message well to the world. We definitely didn’t want to pretend to be something we are not, just to fit in with the current trends.

We started by defining our personas, where do we stand against our competitors, what makes us different etc. All this led us to our new brand identity. For the past 5 months, our team combined of a Product Owner, UX designer, 2 graphic designers, a communication specialist, 2(!) project managers, and 4 engineers has worked hard on the new brand strategy. Results?

New website, logo, visuals, tone of voice, UVP, pitch… But, we took a step further. Following the definition of a brand by Neumeier, we wanted to add something else, something that would instantly evoke the feeling of who we are, what we believe in, and how we approach our work.

We decided we need a new slogan.

First workshops and brainstorming.

Finding the X factor

During the workshop stage of the rebranding project we have identified what made us stand out among our competitors:

  1. Our expertise in specific tech areas like cloud, embedded firmware, mobile or design.
  2. Our boutique approach, meaning we don’t do “everything.” We choose our projects carefully and use our expertise in specific fields.
  3. Partnership with our clients based on trust and honesty, with a business focus in mind.

The fact is: we are not the most extroverted bunch. But it’s OK! We don’t need to be loud and all over the place to deliver awesome and unique digital products with our clients. We’d rather let the trust and honesty we are building our business relationships on, and our team full of tech and design experts speak for themselves.

Something unique

So, if we strive to be different from our competitors, we are special in the way we care about our client’s projects as our own, and we want to make unique digital products, what’s the best slogan that embodies it all?

Well, we got it! Without further ado, Polidea’s new slogan is (drum rolls):


Now, what does it actually mean? How do we “do” Unique Tech?

  • By caring about the process with a business focus in mind.
  • Through our approach to cooperation with each other and our clients.
  • With the products we deliver.

This way Unique Tech is about so much more than just Tech. It’s also about delivering and representing Unique Business, Unique Design, and Unique Engineering well.

We believe that the slogan (and the whole communication behind it), new logo, and website show best who Polidea really is.

So, what do you think? Definitely check out the full website for all the rebranding changes! New content about the rebranding process and the full experience is coming soon;)

Ula Rydiger

Content Marketing Manager

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