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SXSW Headliners 2019—Unofficial SXSW Guide

Another great event ahead—SXSW 2019 and we can’t wait;) Their agenda is as usual very broad, filled up the roof with amazing speakers and inspiring talks. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure where to go and what to see—we got you. Here’s are our unofficial SXSW Conference 2019 guide to talks—enjoy!

Our CEO Grzegorz and Chairman & Founder Jakub will be there—let’s meet, grab some good coffee and talk about tech.

What is SXSW conference?

SXSW (aka South by Southwest) is a tech conference in Austin, Texas. Each year it gathers various experts and disruptors from the world of film, interactive media and music to inspire, share knowledge and network.


Design for Inclusivity: How and Why to Get Started

What does it really mean to be inclusive? Is it really as difficult as it seems? Shu Yu Huang from Google, Emma Shwarts from Axios, Marco Salsiccia and Allison Shaw from Zendesk approach the subject from the design and product development perspective. Attend their talk if you want to learn what kind of benefits come from making a digital product accessible and inclusive for all.

Disrupting the Status Quo: Female Leaders in Tech

Today’s tech industry is all about #WomeninTech, there’s more inclusiveness when it comes to women studying engineering and being on tech positions. However, there’s still very few tech leaders who are female. Tech world has a lot to do in that regard, which is why during SXSW 2019 Billie Sue Chafins, VP Software Development at Hulu and Felicia Yue, Senior Manager at Amazon Prime Video will share how they approach their roles as leaders of (predominantly male) teams and talk about the challenges they face every day, as well as their mentoring techniques.


Design for Health: Moving to Application

Turning an idea into a reality is definitely a bumpy road. Especially when it comes to the health industry and complex solutions that are meant to help people. Ben Chase, Managing Director at IDEO will be moderating an interactive discussion between audience members to show the problems related to bringing health products to the end user.


The Future of Mobility is a Smart Device on Wheels

The car of the future will be autonomous, shared, smart, eco-friendly and way safer that today’s vehicles. What’s interesting, this rapid change will happen within the next 10 years! Carsten Breitfeld and Daniel Kirchert from Byton claim our mobility will be the next smartphone— we won’t be able to live without it.

Is the Age of Empathy Dead?

Design Thinking is used and popularized by a lot of companies these days. But what actually stands behind it is empathy. Martha Cotton, Group Design Dir at Fjord, will talk about the role of empathy in the design process, the role of designers today and the value Design Thinking has for business as well as people.


How IoT is Shaping the Future of Cities

Internet of Things is changing how we move around, take care of our health or live in our houses. During SXSW 2019 together with Don Koleman CIO at Chariot Solutions, Andrew Davis Senior Analyst at Machine Q, Maia Ottenstein Digital Experience Design Lead at Thomas Jefferson University and Tom Snyder Executive Dir at RIoT, we’re going to explore the future of IoT and its influence on various industries.

White Mirror: Combatting Societal Issues with XR

XR (Extended Reality) is a fairly new term coined to describe AR, VR and Mixed Reality under one name. During this talk, Stuart Campbell from EyeJack, Asad Malik from 1RIC, Jake Sally from RYOT and Katherine Schwab from Fast Company will come together to discuss the future and role of XR, especially when it comes to some societal issues, like understanding PTSD or immigrants’ daily issues most of us are not aware of.


Share what talks are you looking forward to checking out during SXSW 2019. See you there;)

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