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SXSW 2020—Tech Talks and Speakers You Can’t Miss!

Update: SXSW 2020 conference has been canceled due to coronavirus.

South by Southwest (SXSW) 2020, one of the biggest events focused on film, music, and interactive media, is around the corner, and as usual, we’re very excited to participate! Of course, we are most looking forward to the interactive conference with its variety of inspiring talks and great speakers. We’ve decided to prepare an unofficial short guide with the list of talks you shouldn’t miss. Take a look!

And if you’re in Austin between 16th-20th, then let us know as our CEO Grzegorz will be there too available to grab a coffee (or tacos;) ) and discuss the future of tech.

Intersecting ML, AI, & Data Science in CRE

AI became a buzzword mentioned so often that its meaning became blurred. With companies from all industries implementing or aspiring to implement elements of AI, Or Hiltch, the CTO of Skyline will talk about the methods of developing reliable AI models. He will share lessons learned at Skyline AI, the commercial real estate AI investment management company.

If you’ve seen Black Mirror, you’re probably familiar with a company called Boston Dynamics—a world leader in mobile robots. Stepping away from the post-apocalyptic view of robotics, Boston Dynamics intends to show people what value can mobile robots bring to people’s lives. Join the talk by Marc Raibert, former CEO and now Chairman, where he will be presenting the capabilities of robots with friendly names: Spot and Atlas.

Two people riding Lime electric scooters in the park. Source: Lime press kit

How E-Scooters Will Reimagine Urban Life

Cities are filled with different brands of electric scooters, and we all use them to move around: to get to work, to a meeting, or just for a kick ride to a bar nearby. All this in just a couple of years. It’s only appropriate, to sum up the success of electric scooters with Joe Karus—the President of Lime—and check what good and bad lessons the company took away so far. If you’re interested in the future of micro-mobility, this talk is for you!

Sandy Carter—AWS, VP Public Sector Partners—will be talking about trends to watch in 2021, a subject important to anyone even remotely interested in technology. Sandy (who’s also one of the Top 39 Engineers according to Business Insider) gives a different look into tech trends, in the context of accelerating business, using real-life examples.

Charles Schwab members at the conference panel speaking to the audience. Source: Charles Schwab press kit

Digital Is More Human Than You Think

Technology is part of our every-day lives. And yet, when it comes to money, we consumers still trust a human touch more than a digital. Neesha Hathi from Charles Schwab and Jeff Reid from Humana, are going to show us a brighter side of technology, as a way to serve clients more efficiently and help them make better financial decisions.

Opening Pandora’s Black Box for Artificial Intelligence

Ron Green and Steve Meier from Kungfu.AI—a company providing AI services for companies—will dive into the threats and positives of AI. They’ll discuss how explainability sometimes takes over accuracy in AI algorithms and give real-life examples of case studies to prepare you for your AI deployment.

Polidea's CEO talking to other team members at the office.

Tech vs. Finance: The Battle For Your Money

A battle or…an alliance? With banking apps, Bitcoin, and other fin-tech solutions, consumers are getting hungrier and hungrier for more comfortable and accessible ways of using money and the providers sometimes can’t keep up. Some of the most influential names in fin-tech revolution are joining the stage for an honest discussion about how technology is changing finance today and tomorrow: Adam Dell (Goldman Sachs), Renaud Laplanche (Upgrade), Blythe Masters (Figure), and Daniel Simon (Vested).

Beyond Stereo: The Future of Immersive Audio

VR and AR are crossing paths with industries like e-commerce, film, gaming, and now, music. Join experts like Stephan Burton (Afterlight Inc.), Anastasia Devana (Magic Leap), Muki Kulhan (Muki-International), and Mirek Stiles (Abbey Road Studios) to listen to their perspective on the role and future of VR and AR in music. What should we be looking forward to and what are the mixed reality’s disadvantages? Let’s find out!

Don’t forget to catch us at SXSW 2020—meet our CEO Grzegorz to discuss tech and business;)

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