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Slush 2019—10 Speakers You Must See

Slush—one of the most significant events gathering investors, founders, and entrepreneurs, with lights shining just as bright as the speakers are. This year’s Slush conference will take place on the 21st and 22nd of November in Helsinki, Finland. Of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. In preparation for the event, we have carefully selected our top 10 speakers that we will see on the stage, and you should too!

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Michele Romanow

As the Co-founder and President of Clearbanc, Michele makes raising money easier than ever before. Clearbanc’s mission is to enable founder’s acquisition of growth capital without compromising life savings. She’s a born founder and investor. Before the age of 33, she started five companies, one of which was acquired by Groupon. She aspires to invest in female-founded companies.

Dax Dasilva

Dax is the Founder and CEO of Lightspeed and the Founder of Never Apart. The 800+ employees and almost USD 300 million raised are a true testament to the success of Lightspeed—a cloud e-commerce platform. Besides being an accomplished entrepreneur, Dax brings about a positive social change through Never Apart, a non-profit organization arranging events in the Montreal community. At Slush, his talk will focus on the benefits of a long-term business approach.

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Blake Scholl

Blake has combined his passion for flying with engineering and leadership expertise to found Boom Supersonics. The company aims to drastically shorten the time of long-distance flights, mitigating jet-lags in the process. Blake has a vast leadership experience, acquired at Amazon and Groupon. As if that was not impressive enough, Blake also laid the ground for the digital ad buying automation. He will present a Boom Supersonic case-study at the event.

Cameron Adams

Cameron is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Canva. With 1 billion designs made, 15 million users across 190 countries, you probably have heard about this online design and publishing tool. Cameron leads the design and product team, and helps guide the company into an even better tomorrow. Having a strong design background, Cameron is an active event speaker. At Slush, we will be discussing the product journey of Canva.

Whitney Bouck

Whitney held several technology and leadership positions, including at Documentum, Sybase, and Oracle. In 2016, she joined HelloSign, a leading e-signing company, as the Chief Operating Officer. Over the last 10 years, Whitney has received several awards, confirming her influence on the industry. At Slush, she will talk about the importance of values in the recruitment process.

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Thomas Plantenga

Thomas began his career at Vinted, a company helping people give their clothes a second life, as a Strategy Consultant. He traveled across the globe and lived in several cities. However, when staying in Vilnius and sharing his knowledge with the Vinted team, he decided to put down his roots and transform the company into what it is today—a global success. For two years now, he has held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Vinted.

Lydia Jett

Lydia is responsible for overseeing technology investment on a global scale at SoftBank Vision Fund. She has been an Investment Partner for four years now. Under her Partnership, she has invested in several companies from the e-commerce, consumer internet, robotics, and fintech sectors. Lydia serves on multiple Boards, including such companies as Klook, Tokopedia, and Coupang.

Claire Novorol

Claire is a Pediatrician turned entrepreneur with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and an interest in Artificial Intelligence. She is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Ada Health, a company brought to life with a mission to help people understand their health condition better. The company completed over 6 million assessments worldwide—indeed a PositiveTech initiative. Claire is also the founder of Doctorpreneurs, a community for those interested in healthcare innovations.

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Rolf Schrömgens

Rolf is the Co-founder and CEO of Trivago, one of the leading websites for hotels comparing. His tenure at the role of the managing director is close to reaching an impressive 14 years. At Slush, together with Jean-Eric Paquet and Jean-Luc Di Paola Galloni, he will be a part of “Is Europe Doing Enough To Support Its Startups?” panel.

Haraldur Hugosson

For almost two years, Haraldur has run Startup Reykjavik, a business accelerator under the Icelandic Startups, where he helped emerging companies succeed. He then co-founded Genki Instruments—a company providing wearable devices for musicians. He has been the Chief Operations Officer at the company for the last four years.

That’s it, folks—our top 10 speakers at this year’s the Slush conference. There will be many more interesting people to meet and talk to. Still, would you agree with our choices? Let us know or better yet— let’s talk about it in Helsinki, see you there?

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