December 17, 2018   |   2min read

Polimag—How to Enhance Creativity through Digital Detox and Print

In the latest report Trends 2019 published by Fjord, we come across the refreshed idea that silence is gold. Silence meaning breaking with the digital clutter and the abundance of content. According to Fjord’s researchers, we seek meaningful messages. Our way of saying that we agree is Polimag—our latest creative project, dedicated to our Clients.

Polimag is the first issue of Polidea’s magazine, printed in a limited number of copies. Not a typical way of showing our content in the all-digital world, right? Maybe that’s why we loved this idea. All of us felt like there we are overwhelmed with digital content. We just wanted to disconnect and switch off.


December is the perfect moment to take a break from your digital routine. Then, we thought about the most significant things we can share during this festive period—our passions and ideas. Polimag is the effect of great teamwork. Hopefully, our readers will take off their digital screens for a moment and immerse in the tech stories presented on paper.

Dive in!

We were looking for the creative ways of showing the “switching off” mood. At the same time, we wanted to give it the “feel” of Polidea. Together with Milka Toikannen, who was the Art Director of the project, we came up with the leitmotif of water. Diving in seemed to be the perfect metaphor of what we wanted to achieve with our content.


The articles were carefully curated so that our clients have the chance to read about the latest trends, #PositiveTech initiatives all around the world and some personal stories of Polidea people. There was also a whole section dedicated to coffee (as it is our greatest passion!), created in great cooperation with London, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, Berlin, and Warsaw coffee shops. We’ve also invited our friends to cooperate: once again big thanks go to Sarah Baker Mills from ConsenSys New York and Jasson Schrock from BCG Digital Ventures in Berlin for their contribution!

“Switching off” manifesto

Holidays are coming, and 2019 is just around the corner. JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) seems to be the only right choice. We wish you all the best for the New Year! Polimag was our way of saying that sometimes the most obvious ways of doing something have to be changed (even if the idea may seem crazy at first!). Hope you enjoy this holiday season and find some time to switch off. If you are interested in our Polimag, get in touch. We’d be more than happy to send it! And if you like the design, share it with the world! Let’s spread some holiday spirit and a bit of JOMO ;)


Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

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