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MCE 2018 is coming! Meet influencers from Google, IBM and more!

MCE conference—top tech event in Europe organized by Polidea—is coming back in June. As always in Warsaw, as always equally combining two tracks of talks (engineering and design) and as always “for the community with the community”!

You can still get our early bird tickets until the 14th of February!

MCE is created by awesome people—mostly from Polidea—with different backgrounds and interests. Our dedicated team is powered by UX/UI designers, developers, project managers and communication specialists. As we are all into technology, trends and learning, MCE allows us to look at these themes from a different perspective—working on themes, meeting with speakers and networking within the community. You may call it our passion project!

MCE started as a conference by developers for developers but transformed into an international event gathering tech practitioners from all around the world.

This year we’re going to talk about #redefiningtech.

Polidea’s Head of Engineering Maciek and our UX designer Przemek, who are responsible for both tracks, will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming edition:

Technology is constantly changing and evolving. New IoT solutions, smartwatches, expanding VR, AR, Artificial Intelligence… and we want to be at the forefront of these trends, that’s why we organize MCE; the event-hub gathering the best of the best to share their practical knowledge and experience. Last year we hosted speakers from all around the world—we had the pleasure to meet Manuel Clément (Google), Dale Knauss (Presence), David Lipkin (Method)…— and this year is no different. We will see Mike Alger from Google, Fernando Cejas from IBM, Jasson Schrock from BCG Digital Ventures and Sarah Mills from ConsenSys, just to name a few.

We’ll focus on all the practical aspects of iOS and Android technology, discuss the need for React-Native, developments in VR, AR, IoT and also how to design for inclusiveness as a UX designer. We will learn and exchange ideas on how to change the world of tomorrow. You can’t miss it!

MCE’s Awesome Speakers


What’s in it for me?

For designers: How to create immersive experiences in VR&AR? What happens at the intersection of UX and Artificial Intelligence? What are the career options for UX designers? Our carefully crafted program covers inspiring overviews and a decent portion of best practices to use in your everyday work. Expect a broad choice of design-centered subjects and thought-provoking themes like big data, blockchain and inclusiveness presented by design experts from all around the world.

For engineers: From mobile engineering to VR&AR development. The program will answer the most up-to-date questions faced by developers and other tech creators. We’ll get to the core of everyday tech exploring the themes of native development, artificial intelligence, cross-platform cooperation and more. Be sure to dive deep into the subjects and get practical insights that you’ll be able to apply in your work.


To register click here.

Early bird*: 790 PLN (195 EUR) Regular: 1190 PLN (287 EUR) Late: 1390 PLN (335 EUR)

*!!Offer ends on the 14th of February!!

More info about speakers, themes and Warsaw spots on the MCE Conference website!

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

Ula Rydiger

Senior Communication Specialist

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