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Let’s Review Your Product!— Polidea’s Evaluation Design Pack

You may have already read previous 3 articles concerning the first 3 phases of Polidea’s design process. If not, check out the Discovery, Defining and Design packs. Now comes the Evaluation Pack—the additional phase in which we evaluate the product and conduct a UX Audit.

As it was mentioned before, Polidea’s design process offer contains various points (steps and activities) divided into four thematic Packs:

  • DISCOVERY PACK - that covers strategy and ideation - the initial phase serving a starting point in the product creation. When conducted properly, it optimizes the work later. More on this phase in the following part of the article.
  • DEFINING PACK - is based on the user research and evaluation and translates into the analysis of the product in the context of the users
  • DESIGN PACK - the actual user experience and user interface design - it’s creating all design of the product as well as assets and guidelines for developers.
  • EVALUATION PACK - the part focuses on gathering feedback and improving the interactive experience the product offers.

The division reflects 3 main phases and one additional of the design process that can be conducted from the beginning to an end or adjusted to the needs of the Client. All to compose the optimal design process and lead your product into success. The flexibility is the key—based on your project stage, you can select the points needed (fields of expertise needed) or let us propose the best design plan answering your needs.

In this series of articles, we’re looking in depth into each of the packs with our Head of Design.

“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience*.”

UX review phase may happen as a natural next step of the process or as an independent project in case your digital product is already built and needs evaluation.


What are the pain points? What doesn’t work? Why doesn’t it function as expected? We’ll perform a in-depth analysis to come up with the list of product’s flaws.


Not sure if your product provides interactive and immersive experience? Users are not satisfied or you are not sure if it really works? There’s always time for a change. The UX Audit (an expert review and analysis) will guide you to increase user satisfaction in the most optimized way.


Check if you can develop your product further without investing too much time and labour. Optimize your efforts to come up with the best possible outcome.


A report depicting issues regarding information architecture, usability, accessibility, the overall UX, backed by design recommendations.

Check out one of Polidea’s design projects!

Braster case study

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Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

Karolina Chmiel

Head of Design

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