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IoT Tech Expo Europe 2019—10 Speakers You Must See

For some time now, we have been developing our skills in modern technologies. One of them is Internet of Things and the connected embedded systems and Bluetooth Low Energy. And there is no better place to advance our knowledge about this increasingly important tech than at the IoT Tech Expo Europe 2019. The event features both exhibition stands and many interesting talks focusing on how IoT technologies impact numerous aspects of various industries. We have prepared a list of TOP 10 speakers you should definitely see.

Piotr—our Business Development Specialist—will be our representative at the event, taking place in Amsterdam on the 19th and 20th of June. If you want to grab a coffee and discuss IoT-related topics or projects, or any topic, simply reach out :)

Richard Allbert

Richard has been working for Pirelli for over a decade at numerous positions and places across Europe. Beginning as a Manager, he is now the Head of Digital Innovation at Pirelli Deutschland. At the IoT Tech Expo 2019, Richard will give a talk—”The Cultural Change Needed in Industry,” focusing on how to foster innovation not only through technology but the companies themselves. He will also be a part of a Keynote Panel, advising how Chief Experience Officers can improve their work.


Marc Votteler

With over 20 years of experience at Siemens and Atos, Marc is now the Vice President of Global Technology Services at Schaeffler—a manufacturer established in 1883. Apart from infrastructure and integration services, his vast responsibilities include fostering digital transformation in the company. In his talk “Edge, Central Data Center, Cloud – Moving Intelligence to Where It’s Needed,” he will discuss data processing with the use of edge computing technologies.

Dejan Rasuo

Dejan is the Director, Strategic IOT Alliances, Microelectronics & OEM at Tata Communications—the leader in providing digital infrastructure with headquarters in Mumbai. Dejan has an impressive management skill set, from growth and strategy, through coaching and crisis resolution, to culture and value development. He will be a part of a Keynote Panel “Predictive Maintenance – How to Unlock True ‘Actionable Insight.’ ”

Paul-Emmanuel Brun

Paul-Emmanuel truly believes in secure technology. He is a Team Leader for Identity & Access Management and Internet of Things at Airbus Cybersecurity, a company providing cybersecurity to critical national infrastructures, military and other organizations. Paul-Emanuel has been working on a couple of French- and European-wide security projects, exercising his expertise in access management and digital identity. In Amsterdam, he will talk about the issue of the aerospace sector moving towards Industry 4.0 and provide use and misuse cases from the sector.


Mirko Wutkewicz

Mirko began his journey at Siemens in 1997. Climbing the corporate ladder, he became the Director of Business Development & Strategic Marketing. He now combines his experience in technology and management to foster the digitalization in several areas of Siemens’ business, collaborating with startups. Mirko will give his Keynote speech on the 20th of June. He will talk about how large companies can leverage the agile approach of startups and Siemens’ first intrapreneur (acting as an entrepreneur within a large company) program.

Karen Welsh

IoT is the backbone of Smart City technologies. That’s why a representative from this growing sector was a must-have on our list. Karen is the Smart Building / IoT Project Manager at CBRE, a real estate firm based in Los Angeles. She helps her clients realize their hopes for digitalized buildings. She will be a part of a Panel on smart buildings for enterprises, sharing the latest trends, how to start an IoT project and more.


Kiran Pande

Kiran is another highly experienced professional on our list. Expert in big data and cloud-based analytics. Now, he is the Chief Operating Officer at one of the UK’s national critical infrastructures—Heathrow Airport. One of his responsibilities is the Track & Trace system for suitcases and equipment. With approx. 650 planes landing at Heathrow each day, this is truly a big data solution. Kiran will be giving a Keynote speech, presenting cases studies of IoT- and cloud-based analytics.

Silje Bareksten

The position of the Head of Sustainability and Technology was established at Nor-shipping trade fair with the arrival of Silje. She is a true believer of the blue economy. At Nor-shipping, she is responsible for green and digital transformation initiatives. She is also a co-author of “Solving Urban Infrastructure Problems Using Smart City Technologies Handbook” and the World Economic Forum Future Council member. During the IoT Tech Expo, she will give a talk “Turning Tables in the Ocean Industries: Smart, Sustainable Shipping” and will be a part of the “Intelligent Transport Systems for the Connected Consumer” panel.

Hubert Fischer

Hubert has been a Project Manager at Audi for more than 18 years, leading numerous innovation-driven projects. As a Senior IT Project Manager, he manages “IoT Fast Data Platform for Vehicle Sensor Data” at Audi Electronics Venture GmbH. His talk in Amsterdam will revolve around the data in the automotive industry and Audi’s approach to autonomous driving.

Jan Egbersten

Jan has been a Senior Advisor at the Port of Amsterdam for a quarter of a century. More recently, he has also taken on the responsibility of managing business development, while for two years now he has been the Innovation Manager. In his talk “The IoT Challenge within Seaports,” he will discuss how the application of the Internet of Things technologies can impact the maritime industry.

We can’t wait to expand our knowledge about Internet of Things and its impact on the world. Get in touch with Piotr, if you wish to share experiences over a cup of coffee.

Photo and graphics come from IoT Tech Expo Europe 2019 website and Twitter feed.

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