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How We Work—9 Years of #PositiveTech

Why are we here

People with their incredible and amazing ideas are the source for endless inspiration for us. We are moved and thrilled when they turn them into the stories of positivity and passion. We care for the people and we want to be a part of their stories.

We are technology passionates. The desire to be at the center of technological change and to tackle ambitious challenges has always been driving us. It is deeply rooted in each of our team member’s attitude.

We strongly believe that technology should be created and used for the good of the people. We value each and every human story and do our best to enrich it with a profound technological expertise.

Positive Tech is the term that covers this notion—it defines the improvement of people’s lives through technological progress.


What do we aim for every day

The most important value that guides us through our work is the trusting relationships with our clients. It is so vital for us that we aim to call them partners. It stems from our company’s culture based on staying true to oneself, and putting faith in people. This attitude constitutes the foundations of our every-day routine.

Trusting relationship is also all about collaboration. By improving our communication skills and successfully delivering projects for years, we became great listeners and team players. This led us to work in environment where designers and engineers speak the same language. Such relationship incredibly boosts our productivity. We invite our clients to this open-minded, creative and professional way of collaboration which—as our experience proves—lets their stories end with great and successful products.

We always try to look beyond the horizon. That is why we never give up on quality. It is assured by the way we work and our holistic approach but it also requires a constant effort. Business-oriented mindset lets us focus on finding the compromise while keeping high standards thanks to the experienced team of designers, developers, test engineers and project managers.


How we do it

We want to be the part of every positive tech story—at the crossroads between people and technology. This also means we are the best in the projects in which we can engage from the concept and design phases through development to a successful launch.

Mobile apps are our focus. For almost 10 years we have build a strong background for iOS, Android and React Native development as well as UX/UI design. From strategy and ideation phase, through user research, UX/UI up to stunning visual design , we strive to create immersive and meaningful digital products. Always close to the users, responding to the market’s needs and fitting into business landscape. Our Creative Team makes sure that whatever we do, it’s for the best user experience.

At the same time, we believe that mobile is just an interface between the user and the endless technical opportunities that we want to deliver. That is why we have build our expertise in the IoT area. We took part in a number of BLE projects where connectivity was the key factor, both from the mobile and external device (firmware) perspective.

Following our mission, we are contributing to the Positive Tech movement by creating and maintaining first-class BLE open-source libraries for every mobile platform. They enable thousands of developers around the world to write robust and high fidelity connectivity layers in their apps.


Almost no app could exist without a solid back-end infrastructure. Our team of engineers and dev ops mastered technologies like Spring, Node.js or django, containerization, continuous integration and continuous deployment tools and cloud platforms like AWS or GCP. It guarantees that user and developer experience on the front-end side is perfect.

Last but not least, testing with the most innovative techniques and approaches, like tests automation, is something we strive for in best interest of any product develop. Quality, beginning from design phase through development to a successful launch, is our second name.

Let’s make a difference

I am personally thrilled whenever I think about Positive Tech and all great clients we have the privilege to work with. Their stories—energetic and inspirational—actually make a difference. We are grateful for having necessary knowledge, skills and passion to a be a part of them.

Maciej Oczko


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