March 26, 2020   |   2min read

How We Work During the Uncertain Times of COVID-19 Outbreak

The past weeks have brought a lot of changes into our daily routines and business models—the outbreak of COVID-19 forced a lot of companies to face the challenges of the remote work model. At Polidea, remote cooperation with our clients is in our DNA. Recently, we’ve also managed to implement a fully remote work model for our employees.

We are lucky enough to have in place the remote work model that allowed us to close our office within a day after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Poland. By becoming a 100% remote company, we can ensure our business partners that in this unusual time for us, it’s business as usual.

Taking precautions

To avoid any disruptions in our work, we’ve taken precautionary measures before the SARS-CoV-2 virus was discovered in Poland. E.g., we asked employees returning from Asia to work from home for 14 days after their arrival and introduced disinfectants in every meeting room. Now we support our employees in the sometimes challenging moments of self-isolation. How may you ask?


First of all, we pay extra attention to communication within our teams and with our clients. There is no disruption in our communication model in the projects we run. Daily standups, weekly demos, and retros are happening as usual. We’ve added some extra tools like Retrospected, Parabol and Miro to our project management toolkit that enabled us to run the ongoing projects smoothly.

A hand writing on a keyboard of a laptop.

Services quality

We also support our team in obtaining all necessary tools (whether digital or in the form of a piece of office equipment) to ensure our projects are continued uninterrupted. We’ve taken time to prepare strategic plans for different scenarios of the still-unfolding events during the Board’s workshop and discussions with our clients. We are fully prepared to take all necessary steps to make sure our services are still of the highest quality while keeping our staff safe.

Continuing our mission

In these uncertain times, we continue our mission to deliver professional digital services. We are fully functional and fully operational for all the fantastic companies and startups that want to create #UniqueTech with us. We intend to continue to share our knowledge by maintaining our open source libraries and the highest standards of collaboration with our clients and partners.

If you have any questions regarding our work model or have a project in mind—contact us!

Grzegorz Kapusta

CEO, Polidea

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