July 23, 2019   |   1min read

How to Easily Develop Apache Airflow?—Join the Webinar

When I joined the Apache Airflow project almost a year ago, I remember it would take us days to set up the test and development environment. It was hard to understand how to easily iterate and run tests in different variants of it or how to make sure that what we submitted as PR would flawlessly pass Travis CI builds. Additionally, our team had to figure out how to efficiently share the environment with each other. This is how Breeze came to be—a tool designed to simplify and speed up Airflow development.

Since we were not the only ones struggling, we’ve decided to share Breeze and bring our experience into the mainstream.

Sit down and join us for a webinar on the 25th of July at 6:30 pm CEST! Ash Berlin-Taylor (Airflow Core Committer, Platform Engineer at Astronomer) and I are going to talk about how to make life easier for both experienced and beginning Airflow developers.

Here’s the plan:

  1. We’ll walk you through our improvement proposals: AIP-10 and AIP-7.
  2. We’ll talk about the changes that have already been or are about to be merged.
  3. We’ll discuss where is Breeze heading in the near future—including pre-commit hooks and new CI system.

Overall, the webinar will show a faster and more efficient way of the “Hacking on Airflow” tutorial, one that will not require the wizardry of the long-time contributors.

Jarek is an Apache Airflow Committer and Polidea’s Principal Software Engineer.

Jarek Potiuk

Principal Software Engineer

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