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How Polidea’s Creative Team Became a Design Studio

For the past seven years, design has been an integral part of Polidea. From the e-commerce website to the non-profit organization, our Creative Team has done some fantastic work, whether it was in the area of mobile apps, web, or IoT. If we learned anything from this experience, it’s the fact that design matters. It adds real business value to a product and increases its chances to be successful in the market. While engineering focuses mainly on the client’s needs, UX design shifts the perspective to the end-user.

Local design

We’ve noticed that the Polish* market began to share the same point of view. More and more companies want to create products loved by users; the problem is that most of them are not sure how. Additionally, local startups often lack the resources to hire their own designers in-house.

At the same time, our Creative Team evolved into a mature and experienced group of talented UX, UI, and Graphic Designers. Each one of them brings unique skills to the table—conducting user testing, workshops, building a product strategy, or creating accessible, beautiful apps. All with a business perspective in mind. We felt strongly that they were ready to face new challenges and share their experience with Polish startups.

So, after some discussions, we came up with an idea.


Going for #SmthUnique

Starting this month, we’re officially dividing our design and engineering activities, building a separate brand with a new name, website, and business goals. We’re forming a dedicated UX & UI design studio, with a holistic process focused on user research and ideation. Their mission is to help Polish companies understand their customers’ needs and deliver designs the users actually want and love, limiting digital pollution.

Still, they will be supporting Polidea’s projects and be our design arm if needed, but now with a level of strategic autonomy. Working with Startup Poland and YourKAYA showed us that there’s a real need for this kind of services in our market.

So, without further ado, say hello to Polidea’s design studio:


For more details regarding their scope of work, mission, and projects head over to Utilo website. Here’s to great design and unique tech!

*Polidea’s headquarters are located in Warsaw, Poland.

Grzegorz Kapusta

CEO, Polidea

Agnieszka Czyżak

Creative Director

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