June 20, 2019   |   3min read

Growing in Culture—10 years of Polidea’s Values

In the last six months, Polidea has grown from 52 to 67 people (crazy, huh?). And we’re not stopping there—the recruitment is still going on!

For the growing organization like Polidea, values have become increasingly important. They are a set of rules to guide us while making decisions on every level. They help us define who we are and who we want to be. They provide us with a stronger sense of purpose.

Some say that values should be more descriptive than aspirational in the first place. Yet, the word aspiration is not completely out of context here, don’t you think? Our values motivate us to get better every day. They inspire us and indicate clearly what you can expect from Polidea after stepping into our office (or meeting).

Take a quick look at 6 values that have been with us from the very beginning and see what I mean!



Yes, we are growing, that’s a fact. But, with that, we’re not losing the boutique approach (and we will do what it takes not to lose it). We value the process over breakthroughs, we like thought-out decisions and we refine our processes every day. The core of our quality focus is the fact that most of our specialists are seniors. They share their best practices and their expertise with our junior colleagues. So at the end of the day, our team is personally engaged at every stage of the development process and makes sure our clients get the best results.


There’s no Polidea without the teamwork and partnership, trust me. Ask a question on slack and you will quickly find a bunch of Polideans trying to help. No matter whether you ask about your code not working, design inspirations or ideas for a gift for your grandma, we make time to help colleagues and share knowledge openly.



Okay, let me get a little personal. To be honest (no pun intended!) this is the value that I appreciate the most on a daily basis. I can stay true, I speak my mind (and they listen!). I give and receive feedback constantly. Have you ever dreamt of a culture where people say things about fellow employees that they would say to them directly? I did. And here I am. It costs us some effort, that’s true. This is the culture we are building everyday; it’s never build forever. That’s why values are always a bit aspirational.


By staying honest and delivering quality we build long-term relationships with our clients. We are trusted by them and we trust each other. Micromanagement? Not here. Helpful hand whenever you need advice, guidance, feedback? Sure. We assume good intentions. That’s our key to meaningful feedback.



We’re all different—and it feels great! Coming from various backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, we respect each person for who he/she is and celebrate diversity. Do we have biases? Let’s face it—everybody has. But we grow past them. We educate ourselves and try to nurture empathy. We embrace differing perspectives to make unique work culture, unique company and—of course—unique tech.

Personal Growth

We did a small survey on what motivates Polideans the most (BTW: if you don’t know Dan Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, I highly recommend it!). What was the result? Mastery. We might all be different, but what unites us is our drive to learn and having a space to do so. Here you can stay curious and focus on personal initiatives, knowledge sharing, learning, and growth.

Since Polidea is turning 10 this year, I wish for it to keep living up to our values. May them guide our way! :)

If our values resonate with you, it might be a sign that we should get to know each other better :) Learn more about open roles at our careers page.

Justyna Grzywaczyk

People & Culture Lead

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