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Google Cloud Platform—Pros and Cons for Business

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Google Cloud Platform, as the name suggests, is a cloud computing suite offered by Google. It is based on the same infrastructure as Google Search and YouTube, which makes it highly accessible thanks to integrations with end-user products and G Suite. The platform is dedicated to all kinds of businesses, from startups to enterprises but has been recognised for being chosen rather by young, innovative companies.

What can you do with GCP?

With GCP, Google addresses the need to grow your business with cloud data storage, extra computing power, and integrated data analytics.

The solutions provide:

  • serverless computing environments,
  • infrastructure as a service,
  • platform as a service

and include features like data management, application development, infrastructure modernization, business analytics and AI solutions. There are many possibilities to build, run, manage, and analyze web applications at scale using cloud computing.


Google Cloud Platform pros and cons

Since GCP is built on the Google infrastructure, there are a few facilitations and challenges that follow.

Other than issues with data security raised by concerned audiences, the most significant disadvantage of Google Cloud Platform from the developer’s perspective would be the lack of elastic search in GCP.

They are, however, compensating with user-friendly communication and interface, and also provide features to help manage mentioned challenges. What can help you use GCP?

  • G Suite—many companies, especially at the startup stage, use G Suite as a collaborative working toolset, and GCP integrates with corporate G Suite accounts instantly which makes it super easy to manage organization roles, and thus makes it a natural choice to reach for GCP if needed.
  • Open source—the whole documentation (including tutorials on how to switch from AWS) are created by a curated community and open for free use.
  • Quickstarts—free trial, starting bonuses, consulting, training and certifications, open-source documentation provided by the community.
  • Anthos—the newest product that works as a hybrid (on-premise and cloud), designed to integrate different cloud solutions all in one. This functionality was highly anticipated in the industry and can become a major competitive advantage for GCP.

Who needs GCP?

Google Cloud Platform may come in handy whenever you are in need of cloud solutions for your web applications and infrastructure. Extra computing power, data storage space, collaborative working tools are just a few of the many features you can combine and create your own GCP case study. Choose the Google solution if you want to join companies like 20th Century Fox, eBay, The New York Times, PayPal. And if you need a hand in managing the design and development of your application based on GCP, reach out for a professional aid that is the certified Polidea team.

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