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Discovery Design Pack—Start Building Your Digital Product

This article is about Discovery Pack. Learn more about our design process.

At Polidea, our design process offer contains various points (steps and activities) divided into four thematic Packs:

  • DISCOVERY PACK - that covers strategy and ideation - the initial phase serving a starting point in the product creation. When conducted properly, it optimizes the work later. More on this phase in the following part of the article.
  • DEFINE PACK - based on the user research and evaluation - that translates into the analysis of the product in the context of the users
  • DESIGN PACK - the actual user experience and user interface design - it’s creating all design of the product as well as assets and guidelines for developers.
  • EVALUATION PACK - the part focused on what works and what doesn’t (hopefully nothing!)- gathering feedback, verifying the quality of the interface and interactions to improve the overall experience the product offers.

This division reflects 4 crucial phases of the design process that can be conducted from the beginning to an end or adjusted to the needs of the Client. All to compose the optimal design process and lead your product into success. The flexibility is the key—based on your project stage, you can select the points needed (fields of expertise) or let us propose the best design plan answering your needs.

In the following series of articles, we’ll look in depth into each of the packs with our Head of Design to explore in detail the scope and goal of each phase and give you an idea oh how design process looks like in Polidea.

The story about any product goes back to the idea. Something that may as well become a hit and make people’s lives easier, funnier, healthier, better or simply—more comfortable. This idea is something that you may actually already have in mind but now comes the moment to articulate it.


Starting from… the users. Even the perfectly designed product has to respond to the specified and precisely described needs of the users. Usually, we need to verify if they are valid and true. Our assumptions have to be filtered through reality and limited in order to respond to the real needs.


While the idea may be disruptive and ground-breaking, the context is as important as the vision itself. Through analyzing the business ecosystem, competitors, market potential, one can place the product in the right surrounding.


Even the brightest product idea has to be analyzed in the context of possible risks. They may stem from various areas and it’s crucial to identify them before the actual production phase so you can address them from the very start.


This phase of the project process allows not only for the background work behind the product but also gives time and space to introduce innovation. This is the moment to think outside the box, to look at the project from different perspectives, think freely, brainstorm the ideas.


It often happens that along the way you may have had many ideas and that’s great. Even so, here comes the moment to choose the one idea from many and focus on it. After the detailed user research, market and risks analysis we are equipped in the needed information to choose the best product idea that will make it successful.

Outcome you can expect from the discovery pack

  • We will provide you with the solution vision and ideation
  • We will name the product or service alternatives
  • -

We will verify product market fit

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Head of Design

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