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Building Business Relationships—Polidea’s Ways

Our ways of building strong business relationships have been created in the course of over 100 international projects. The way we do it stems from our values but how does it influence our everyday work? We asked our team and our Clients about the principles guiding our collaboration—from initial workshops, through successful long-distance cooperation, up to the day-to-day business. How do we build business relationships in Polidea? Here come the answers!

True partnership

“Our Clients are our Partners. We invite them to be product owners throughout the project. We advise on decisions but let them be in control and up to date. By valuing transparency, we deliver the highest quality according to the clients’ needs.”

Piotr Herstowski

Head of Sales

Diversity and experience

“Benefiting from diverse talents and fields of expertise we focus on connecting different minds, points of view and ideas under one roof. Best scenario of kicking off the project? Inviting clients, developers, designers, and project managers and organizing a workshop. With such a group of experts, we are on the best way to achieving great results.”

Maciej Głowacki

Head of Growth

Bill Maurer

Director of Online Programs,Best Buddies International
I think what made this particular collaboration very successful was a holistic approach taken by Polidea towards the design process and developing the app.

Transparency and progress

“We respect demos and retros by nature. Showing the progress on a weekly basis is the key in our project management process. We want to show where the project is going and what are the current goals, step by step. Constantly searching for improvements, gathering feedback and making things more efficient. We want to have the same definition of progress with our Clients.”

Dorota Jaworska


Sharing knowledge

“Polidea was always an ambassador of sharing knowledge and fueling the tech community. We’ve organized 5 editions of the MCE Conference—connecting UX designers and developers from all around the world. Our calendars are full of events—seeing the broader context and the outside world gives us a new, fresh attitude in our everyday duties.”

Katarzyna Nabrdalik

Community Manager

Long-distance cooperation

“Distance is a challenge, but we’ve learned how to overcome geographical obstacles. Working with the Clients from the US, UK, Germany, and Sweden, we’ve learned the methods and tools of good distance communication. Now our teams work in so many different time zones!”

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

Creativity in tech

“Sometimes the best option takes more time, more effort and focus. Sometimes you can approach the technical issue with more than one answer. Creativity in tech is one of our principles. How to approach issues with an open mind? How to stay relevant with the wave of new solutions? We know the answers, and we make them LIVE. ”

Maciej Oczko


Daniel Wiese

The cooperation with Polidea started a few months back. They came into the ongoing project with flexibility, openness, and creativity backed by solid technological expertise. We feel like Polidea’s partners, and we share similar work ethic and attitude.

Your product is our product

“We believe that the projects we work on are “ours”. Your product is our product - we work on it with care and full engagement, ensuring common success. That is why we stay close and serve as your remote design & development team. Thanks to our design workshops we build the project strategy together—we shape the business value, analyze the market, define the goals, gather insights and more to maximize the accuracy and success of a product.”

Agnieszka Czyżak

Creative Director


“Agile is in our DNA. We like plans, demos, sprints, trello and jira. But that doesn’t mean that we only depend on fixed scenarios. We do our best to keep our minds open and adjust to the clients’ needs. We organize our work to maximize productivity, making sure that the deliverables and source files are later easy to maintain.The flexibility is a vital part of our projects.”

Sławomir Andrian

Director of Delivery

Manuel Bruschi

CEO & Co-Founder,Timeular
Polidea scaled their development team to deliver the software on an aggressive timeline. The agency serves as a partner, not a vendor. Their dependable work ethic and commitment to the project have fostered an atmosphere of trust and collaboration.

Broad experience

“Most of our staff are senior engineers and designers who have a broad experience gained from a number of projects. It makes us prepared but also hungry for new challenges and tough problems to solve. Our clients can benefit from it by not having to micro-manage our work and explain every detail. We have a healthy dose of independence that they can rely on.”

Agnieszka Sell

Project Manager

Building business relationships is complex but truly rewarding. It is also a process with many parties involved. It can’t be confined to a project, it goes beyond the day-to-day cooperation and includes the initiatives of many team members. We believe that only with diverse talent we can form strong business relationships that last for years.

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Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

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