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A Polidea's Guide to Good Lunch

Engineering and design constitute the core of Polidea. However an empty bellied developer or designer will not sparkle as well as a full stomached one. Around 11 30 am, all mouths watering, we wonder which lunch will kill best our hunger.

For about a decade now, Warsaw is undergoing a profound culinary revolution. While the prices remain low, the quality reaches summits. Indeed, products are still used fresh and restaurants develop exciting concepts at each street’s corner. Polidea’s office is located right at the center of this tasty blossom. From vegan sushis, to indian delicacies choices are for all palates between Emili Plater and Hoża streets. Here are the best of our hood’s restaurants. Each one of them surely helping to a certain extent the good development of the company.

Mała Gruzja


Translated by the “Little Georgia”, the restaurant is serving awesome Georgian food & wine at a very decent price.

Price:19 zł soup+main+dessert+WINE!!!

Not-to-miss: Chaczapuri Little Georgia (delicacy with meat and cheese served spicy)

Address: Nowogrodzka 40



Sometime, during cold winter days, a little bit of exotism brings back some heat in the grey Warsaw. Mandala does just that the Indian way!

Price: 21 zł for two curries + rice or naan

Not-to-miss: Off-the-menu vegetarian dish every Wednesday

Address: Emilli Plater 9/11

Wilcza 50


Go there to seduce your business lunch with a casual but fancy atmosphere. Indeed, mediterranean fusion is best to keep your brain from food coma, but also it allows you to take some desserts which are really a must to try here.

Price: 29 zł for the special of the day

No-to-miss: Desserts (all of them)

Address: Wilcza 50

Tu Le Żur


Freshly open last month, the restaurant offers a cheap but original lunch in a modern polish style.

Price: 19 zł for daily main + soup

Not-to-miss: Zurek

Extra: Sunny terrace in the summer

Address: Emili Plater 14

Nasze Miejsce


Beautifully served dishes for healthy mood. Best to start the week light, with a great choice of lunch sets revisiting polish classics.

Price: 20/28/30 zł for starter and main

Not-to-miss: their spicy Beef tartar

Address: Jana Pawła II 12 / Sienna



If hunger is paining you already around 11 am, Arirang is the place to clench your thirst for Korean food. Large portions of bulgogi, or sushi will satisfy (very fast) the most ferocious lunch hunter. For all budgets.

Price: 15 to 50 zł

Not-to-miss: Beef Bulgogi

Address: Nowogrodzka 38

Znajomi Znajomych (or ZZ)


ZZ is our safe bet when we do not find any interesting propositions on our slack channel. Always a decent lunch set with a good music in the background. Also a bar, worth considering if you deserve a Friday cocktail at 1 pm.

Price: 19 zł starter + main

Not-to-miss: their mojito

Address: Wilcza 58A

Kraken Rum Bar


As its name doesn’t say Kraken serves amazing seafood dishes. Melted in butter sauce and topped with sweet and sour lemon curd the seafood mix is a must to try.

Price: 25-30 zł

Not-to-miss:Seafood mix

Address: Poznańska 12



For a taste of Nepal 100 meters away from our office: this is the place! They also have a cheap vegetarian lunch set everyday.

Price 21-27 zł for 3 dish

Not-to-miss: 3 lamb dishes

Address: Wspólna 65A


sofra Sofra is all year-long feeding our troops with their famous lentils soup. A great atmosphere serving some simple but delicious turkish/mediterranean food.

Price:~24 zł

Not-to-miss: lentils soup

Address: Wilcza 71

Waw Pho

Waw_pho 10 minutes walking are worth this vietnamese food pearl. And there is nothing like a warm Pho soup after a busy morning.

Price: 13zl-30 zł

Not-to-miss: Lemon grass beef

Address: Noakowskiego 14

Youmiko Vegan Sushi

sushi This place was once called Meat Love, they surprised everyone by reopening at the beginning of this year as a vegan sushi place. Their pulled pork sandwich was amazing, but their new culinary adventure is really worth the try!

Price: 22-25-30 zł

Not-to-miss: Eggplant, avocado and miso wakame

Address:Hoża 62

We hope that our selection brought water to your mouth. Let us know what are your best places for lunch, we will be happy to expand our horizons. Stay tuned, as we will keep updating this article with our new culinary discoveries.

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