January 01, 2019   |   1min read

Apache Airflow Announced as a Top-Level Project!

Exciting news!

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) just announced Apache Airflow as a Top-Level Project! The graduation from the incubation phase means that the project met all the strong criteria set by ASF.

Apache Airflow is an Open Source Big Data workflow management system designed to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows. Written in Python, it automates resource management, from single servers to large-scale clusters. Submitted to the Apache Incubator in March 2016, the platform is now being widely used by companies like Adobe, Airbnb, Etsy, Google, PayPal, Twitter and more!

We’re very proud to have Polidea engineers involved in such an amazing project as selected contributors, overlooking and improving the software.

For more info about Apache Airflow go to the ASF press release.


Principal Software Engineer
We saw immediately the value of Airflow as an orchestrator when we started contributing and using it. Being able to develop and maintain the whole workflow by engineers is usually a challenge when you have a huge configuration to maintain. Airflow allows your DevOps to have a lot of fun and still use the standard coding tools to evolve your infrastructure. This is “infrastructure as a code” at its best.

Established in 1999 to shepherd, develop, and incubate Open Source innovations “The Apache Way”, The Apache Software Foundation oversees 350+ projects led by a volunteer community of over 730 individual Members and 7,000 Committers across six continents. Learn more on the Apache Foundation Website

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