March 29, 2018   |   3min read

A Sneak Peek into MCE 2018 Conference and a Special Surprise!

We got you—use the promo code EASTER and get 10% off your ticket to attend MCE 2018 Conference in Warsaw, 5-6 June. Offer expires on the 2nd of April! Take this chance to attend amazing talks and workshops for designers and engineers.

5th anniversary of our tech conference MCE is approaching! Warsaw is going to turn into a true tech hub—gathering UX/UI designers, engineers and amazing industry practitioners.

The sense of community and sharing knowledge has always been strong in Polidea. The first edition of MCE (then-Mobile Central Europe) has started back in 2014, and we’ve been growing ever since!

This year is a special one— it’s our anniversary! Which means in June it’s time to celebrate.

Here are 3 reasons why you should definitely join us this year (if you’re one of those “I’ll think about it” types;)).


Principal Software Engineer
It’s amazing to see how the event evolved - it’s always been at the forefront of trends in the mobile space and it has also reflected Polidea’s evolution.

1. People

MCE has always been about people. It grew out of the Warsaw tech scene community and became one of the leading events in Europe. We are honored to host the biggest players in this industry—true practitioners who work in tech every day, stay ahead of the trends and are first to ask for an opinion. This year we’ve gathered…


During MCE you will have a chance to hang out with these (and more) amazing experts. And who knows—perhaps it will be a great business opportunity for you as well. After all—networking is everything;)


Ever wondered if cross-platfrom solutions are for you or which one to choose? Join a thematic session with Eugenio Marletti, Andy Dyer and Damian Mehers who will talk about Flutter, React Native and Xamarin. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive into the subject and listen to those amazing experts!

2. Talks & Workouts

Every conference has two important factors: speakers and agenda. So, let’s see what some of the talks are going to be about this year.

  • Joanna Chwastowska Engineering Coach / Growth Manager at DeepMind Health—DeepMind Health – on the verge of AI-aid healthcare
  • Antonio Gulli Engineering Director for Google Cloud Platform at Google—Self-driving cars
  • Julien Simon Principal AI/ML Evangelist, EMEA at AWS—Building Smart Applications with Amazon AI
  • Austin Beer Experience Design Lead at Elephant—Designing for AI
  • Tom Greever Director of User Experience at Bitovi—Articulating Design Decisions
  • Dave Hoffer Head of Design, New Ventures at McKinsey and Company—Design is free

You can find the full schedule on our MCE website—we’re still updating some of the slots, so stay tuned!


UX/UI Designer
Ever got confused while designing UI animations? Rescue is coming! You might recognize Pablo Stanley from his YouTube design tutorials called Sketch Together. This energetic fellow will reveal all the practical aspects of using motion in UI design.

3. Weather

This is a big one, guys. Last year during the event we had a full-blown winter, which was understandable considering it was…May. Fear not though—MCE 2018 is happening in June so we will have an amazing sun, summer breeze and loads of fun networking outside:) If two of the above arguments didn’t do the magic for you, then this will!

Until the end of Easter we have a special offer for you—use the code EASTER during registration and get 10% off your ticket!

Now that’s an offer you cannot refuse.

See you in June!

Ula Rydiger

Senior Communication Specialist

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