November 23, 2017   |   1min read

When Development is not Enough - Polidea CEO in Business Insider

Polidea’s CEO Grzegorz Kapusta has recently appeared in Business Insider Poland, talking about how Polidea successfully combines engineering and design. You can find the full interview in Polish here and a short summary in English below.


“Engineering meets design” stands for our company culture.

Back in 2009 Polidea started as a software engineering company. However, over the years, we noticed a huge need for user experience experts. Polidea was one of the first mobile apps’ development companies to successfully combine engineering and design, also in terms of connecting the two, theoretically distant, worlds.

This is why we decided to create a model of work inspired by design thinking. We focused on making UX and UI designers part of the entire process—starting from workshops with clients, through development, user testing up to the launch of the product.

Following Steve Job’s idea of intuitive, beautiful and useful digital products, we strive to connect their creators on the common ground. After few years of experimenting, we found the best way of taking advantage of this unlikely couple: the world of UX and programming. We can now say with full confidence that Polidea’s designers and engineers speak one, common language. And it adds up to everyone’s success—both ours and our clients’.

The “magic” ingredient adding up to engineering is design and we strive to provide designers and developers with the best tools and processes in order to smooth their cooperation. To find out more about how the magic works in Polidea, read our article here and if you are interested in creating a culture of growth and learning in our company, check out the blogpost here.

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

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