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Wearable Technology Companies—Top 10 Startups from London

According to, “roughly a quarter of US adults, 56.7 million, will use a wearable device at least once a month in 2019”. With this growing industry and the Wearable Tech Show 2019 approaching, we decided to have a look at the wearables scene in London. Here are some of the top wearable technology companies to know!

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Blocks–a wearable device that adjusts to your needs

Wearable tech company Blocks allows you to customize your smartwatch according to your needs. By choosing different modules you can pick and add various features; from the basic ones like GPS, flashlight, or a heart rate monitor, to more advanced ones such as gesture control, fingerprint sensor, camera or a stress level sensor. The wearable technology company is currently developing a bone conduction speaker feature which will allow the users to make phone calls by placing a fingertip on their ear—making calls without wearing headphones. The future is here!


HingeHealth–wearable tech ahead of your back pain

We all sit too much and it starts to affect more and more people when it comes to their back and joint pains. You can seek help in time-consuming physical therapy, by overusing painkillers or waste time looking for valuable advice online. You can also use HingeHealth. The wearable band tracks your movement and guides you through 15-minute exercises, whereas an app keeps you in touch with your personal health coach and provides you with curated educational content on your specific pain issues.

Elvie—women empowerment with tech

Elvie is taking women’s health into the modern era. One of their smart products, Elvie Pump, is the world’s first silent wearable breast pump—guaranteeing no wires, tubes or noise. You can pump anywhere, handsfree, without any complicated devices. Empowering women one smart tech at the time!

Player Maker—football player analysis with wearable tech

A wearable solution for football academies with a mission to make the game and the players better. Player Maker is a coaching assistant—a special sensor is placed on the player’s foot, collecting data with AI and sending it to the app. The wearable has been “trained to play football”—it can assess which foot is being used more for kicks, measure the number of passes, time elapsed between ball receipt and release and more! Coaching brought to another (tech) level!

Acurable—a sleep clinic at home

Acurable uses technology to monitor respiratory and cardiac biosignals at home. One of their products called The AcuPebble is a wearable tech sensor, allowing to diagnose sleep apnoea from the comfort of your own home. Placed on the chest while sleeping, the device uses acoustic sensing, measuring the breathing process. The app collects all the data and informs the user on his/her health status.


SoterAnalytics—ensuring a safer work environment

Reduce injury exposure at work with SoterNalaytics—the solutions meant for labor workers. The company’s wearable product called SoterSpine Coach is an ergonomics training program powered by AI. It gives personalized recommendations for movements that can reduce injuries at the workplace. Thanks to the app, workers can track their data and self manage their improvement.

Kisha—smart umbrella for life

How many times have you lost your umbrella? Enough right? Kisha thought of addressing this problem by turning an umbrella into…a smart umbrella. Kisha app will notify you if you leave it behind, it will help you find the umbrella with a tracking feature and it will tell you when it’s about to rain. Plus, it looks pretty great;) A fashion spin on wearable tech.

Respira—digital coach for those who stutter

A wearable technology company with a #PositiveTech mission! Respira’s goal is to “help people with stutter gain fluency and provide data to enable systematic research on stuttering”. Their wearable band—which is placed around a chest—tracks the breathing habits, vibrating when the user doesn’t use the full diaphragm (the primary muscle used in respiration) to breathe or if they speak too fast, which makes the habit of stuttering worse.

Carv—your personal skiing trainer

Winter is here, and so is the time to perfect your skiing abilities! Carv is your digital ski coach in an app—it tracks your movement while skiing and corrects your posture, giving you real-time instructions via headphones. Carv also tracks your time, speed, style of landing (if you’re a ski park enthusiasts) and tracks your progress over time. Learning how to ski has never been more pleasant thanks to this wearable startup.

Bluebell—smart monitor for smart parents

Parenting is hard and all parents appreciate a little bit of help when it comes to raising their little ones. Luckily, the technology world sees this need and comes up with some truly amazing baby care products. One of them is Bluebell—a smart monitoring system combined from a smartwatch for parents, a baby wristband, a microphone/lamp and an app. Each of the devices has its task; the smartwatch takes care of the parent health routine plus notifies them on the baby’s well being (too hot, too cold, too loud in the room etc), the wristband collect the data and the microphone stand monitors the ambience, the music and the temperature of the room.

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