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Trendwatching #2—Consumer Electronics Products that You Need to Know

When it comes to trendwatching, CES is a perfect conference for those who thrive on business of customer electronics. The 2018 edition takes place—as always—in Las Vegas. And we’ll be there! We’re looking forward to learn all about new technologies and catch up with 2018 trends but also to meet you! In fact, if you wish to set up a meeting with our Business Development Lead Maciej, contact him here. He will be happy to discuss your project idea in person.

While getting ready and excited for the talks and presentations, we’ve looked into some exciting IoT products, that we’d like to share with you. And what better way to start 2018 than with our Trendwatching series!

Consumer Electronics is a quite broad concept; generally it covers electronic products and devices intended for everyday use, especially in homes. However these days IoT goes beyond our private four walls: it plays a major role in healthcare, education, retail and much more.

In its new report Forrester Research predicts that ‘the IoT will become the backbone of future customer value, the IoT infrastructure will shift to the edge and to specialized IoT platforms, developers will have a significant impact on platforms and initiatives, and security will remain a key concern.’ (from: Forbes)

This rapid growth of IoT will certainly influence our lives more and more. After all, taking advantage of apps and devices can serve people well: make us healthier, more aware of our bodies and the food we eat, make our homes safier etc.

According to Gartner ‘there will be a staggering 20.4 billion objects connected to the Internet by 2020.’

So, in the spirit of positive tech, here’s our hot list of trends you should definitely check out!

Oura ring


A ring that will change your life for better. It’s not over exaggeration; Oura rings are designed to discreetly learn about your active and resting time in order to give you a detailed analysis of your lifestyle. The app then advises you on how to make it all better and more efficient. You will know when you should rest, how your body recovers from exercises or stress, when and how much to eat, how you sleep and even if you’re about to get sick. You will learn to customize your lifestyle to become more productive, healthy and… less sleepy. Plus, the rings look pretty stylish.

Photo from Oura presskit.



Braster is a breast examination device and a perfect example of how technology can improve or even save our lives. The solution checks for any alarming changes in woman’s breasts by collecting data through the device into the mobile app. The data is then sent to the Braster Telemedical Center, which gives the user’s results back within just 2 days. Thanks to Braster women can now perform monthly checkups in the comfort of their own homes and react as soon as anything unusual shows up in the scan. This significantly enhances their chances of recovery and healing, which is especially needed these days since—according to the report of National Cancer Registry from 2013—every minute one woman dies of breast cancer.

Want to read more about this project? Check it out here.



When travelling, do you often have problems asking natives a simple question in their language? So did Takuro Yoshida. This is why he created ili—an easy to use travel device that translates your simple questions in real time. You can ask about a good restaurant nearby, a way to a museum, bathroom etc. without stressing out about being misunderstood. What makes ili so special is no need for WiFi connection plus record translating time of 0.2 sec. Right now, the device supports English to Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. The company promises however, that more languages will be supported in the near future.

Photo from ili presskit.



To put it simply: Timeular tracks your time: what, when and for how long you do each of your specified activities. You can either use an app on its own (which updates your calendar when you swap between tasks) or have it integrated with a special cube. The cube can track up to 8 different activities of your choice, for example: calls with clients, social media updates, breaks, meetings etc. What you put in the system is up to you. After marking each side, you simply turn the cube accordingly to what activity you’re currently busy with. Timeular app picks up the data and applies it to your timesheet. Voila—being productive has never been more effortless.

Want to read more about this project? Check it out here.

Photo from Timeular presskit.

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes


If you’re not a fan of classic fitness apps and watches, sportswear brand Under Armour created something special for you: smart sports shoes. They have implemented fitness tracker into the soles of the shoes and connected it to the mobile app which tracks your distance, pace, location and more. You don’t need to carry your phone with you anymore—just check your scores after you’re done running. But that’s not all: Gemini shoes can also measure how ready you are to run on a specific day, based on a simple pre-training jump test. Good day for a jog? Ask your shoes.

Our list of favorites will definitely get longer after CES 2018 so stay tuned for more Trendwatching articles!

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