September 28, 2016   |   1min read

Polidea Awarded Top IoT Developer 2016

Since the very beginning of the IoT revolution, Polidea was present. We believed in the incommensurable impact in everyones lives brought by the smartening of “things”. And today, we are really proud to have been rewarded by Clutch as IoT Top Developers 2016.

This comes with a great feeling of achievement because of the passion that we put in all our IoT related projects. But also for our continuous efforts dedicated to improve the way we code IoT. Three open source libraries (see below) were born in the process. Three libraries that now help many, many mobile developers to connect their devices to Bluetooth Low Energy information system, in painless manner.

Home appliances, automotive industry and so many more sectors are being (and will be) greatly disrupted by the emergence of the Internet of Things technologies. And Polidea will stand as an active and performing actor in the bubbling area. More IoT projects are to be announced during the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more!

And for the curious ones, the coders, the doers here you will be able to find our Github libraries dedicated to simplify the way we code IoT




Jason Moisio

Communication Specialist

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