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Software craftsmanship in practice - Mobile Central Europe

At Polidea we have been teaching and preaching Software Craftsmanship since the beginning of the company. It’s deeply embedded in the DNA of the company. The people we are hiring are exposed to good engineering practices and have the opportunity to use them in daily work.

We’ve been very keen on delivering well crafted software. For example we started to introduce Continuous Integration thinking and practices in mobile application development in 2009, when almost no-one in the mobile space thought about it yet. And we’ve done many approaches to test automation, code reviews and good, clean architecture of our projects. Continuous integration is slowly becoming mainstream now, more and more companies are using it in mobile space, which is absolutely great.

We are strong proponents of steadily adding value. We not only advise our customers on how to get the most value of what we work on but we also have the opportunity of working on projects which add real value to people’s lives and will be used by millions of people (you will hear about it soon if you follow our blog). We are thrilled with some of the projects we have an opportunity to work on right now.

And we love to build productive partnerships with our customers. This is the favourite mode of our cooperation - built on trust and understanding of one-another’s needs. More and more customers also understands that and are really open to trust and cooperation rather than “pay and demand” modes of cooperation. This is also amazing.

But the place where we have not been doing great job so far was community of professionals. We’ve done some activities in this area - we contributed many open source libraries, we’ve been running courses at Warsaw University of Technology, but some of our people thought it is not enough. And it wasn’t. That’s why we started monthly meetups for mobile developers: Mobile Warsaw. And we’ve done that together with our fellow partners in community of mobile developers Macoscope and Future Mind. It’s already 8 months and we have more than 400 people signed up to our meetup group. At every meeting we count up to 100 people! We’ve had speakers from Facebook London, JetBrains, StartApp speaking.

But it was not nearly enough for us. We realised that there is not yet a single, truly international conference in Poland that would be targeted for mobile developers. We attended some of such conferences in US and Western Europe, but most of the mobile events in Poland were marketing/startup oriented. We needed a technology event. So together with our partners we decided to create such conference ourselves.

That’s how Mobile Central Europe was born! We managed to get really great international speakers at Mobile Central Europe. The event (January 11th 2014) will be a whole day of pure mobile development knowledge transfer and networking with 400 people attending it. We have already attendees not only from Poland but also from Germany, Ukraine and Czech Republic! And it is done together with companies which are in similar space and sometimes (rarely) our interests might clash. But we could find and realize common goal - something unheard of in this part of Europe yet few years ago.

And Mobile Central Europe is conference, but we also have mobile2hardware Jitter hackathon a day before (some call it Internet of Things). Both speakers and conference attendees will work together on learning and creating mobile2hardware projects! So we are not only focusing on doing our current mobile work very well, but also looking forward into stuff that is just about to be very important.

That’s what I call “Software Craftsmanship in practice”.

Jarek Potiuk

Principal Software Engineer

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