June 23, 2016   |   2min read

Review: Sympli VS Zeplin

Thanks to Sympli and Zeplin, the cooperation between designers and software engineers has never been easier. Nowadays, designers can easily hand on the layouts without spending time exporting assets and preparing the specifications. Saving both designers and devs a lot of precious time! Since last updates, Sympli and Zeplin are both working on Mac OS and Windows and are integrated with Sketch and Photoshop plugins. The main advantage of using these designing tools is that teams can have fonts, colors, measurements and assets all in one place, with very easy access. Moreover, Slack integration or the notification features allow designers to make sure that all collaborators are notified about projects’ updates in real time. The communication between teammates smoothen up and fasten, thanks to the comment feature which allows annotations right on the designs.

SYMPLI—collaboration and workflow platform, helping designers and developers cooperate while working on a digital product. It integrates with Adobe XD CC, Photoshop and Sketch. The platform automatically prepares your specs, creates style guides, optimizes and exports assets for your project and shares the design with your team. It’s also a great solution for project managers and QA’s.

ZEPLIN—allows you to automatically generate style guides and resources. Just like Sympli, Zeplin is a collaboration tool that’s meant to cut the time of meetings between designers and developers in half. You can see previous updates of your project, leave comments and access it from the cloud. A cherry on top is an integration with Slack.

Both Sympli and Zeplin offer preview of the necessary units - for example pt for iOS and dp for Android. For web projects both include a CSS generator. The assets can be exported straight from the app in PNGs (all dimensions are needed) SVG - for Android and PDF - for iOS. The tools also make it very convenient to copy the content of the paragraph with one click. It’s not easy to choose between those two products: they have the exact same prices, mostly same features, both are very user friendly and get fast updates. However, some details will make the difference depending on what you are looking for. Here are the main differences:


When it comes to a decision about which software is best for your projects, I suggest trying both on the free trial. If you are a designer, talk to the developers you work with and ask if they have some experience using either Zeplin or Sympli. It also might be important if they use storyboards in Xcode. If yes, Sympli will suit them better. if not, then probably the way the Xcode plugin works, Zeplin will be the best solution. If you prefer atomic design, work with building blocks and find it easy to define styleguides, Zeplin should be the right choice. However, if you are using a lot of different colours and fonts Sympli should be better suited because it exports all elements of every single screen to code, not only the ones defined in styleguides.

Honestly both of the products are great and it’s amazing how big impact they will have on the work of both designers and developers. Give yourself some time and check them both, you will not regret it!

Agnieszka Czyżak

Creative Director

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