March 25, 2013   |   1min read

Raising the bar - training Git users

Keeping up the pace Polidea co-organized Git kata - a full day event about the Git version control system. The event (as usual) was open to everyone and completely free. Here is the afterword.


Saturday morning, March 23rd was very cold, almost as if Winter missed the fact that the Spring started already a week ago. This was a very special day to over 120 Warsaw coders, who chose to attend Git kata.


At the registration desk you could take your badge. Registration was pretty geeky. We just asked attendee’s to create a pull request to our Git Repo. We took the GitHub username and printed the badge. Now that’s geek chique.


Attendees could take part in any of the 48 prepared Katas (if you don’t know the kata format here’s the definition) led by 10 mentors! With 40 minutes per each you end up with insane amount of knowledge under one roof.


Thankfully we used the perfect space, located in an old cheese factory, we prepared a space for over a hundred of developers, with 7 workspaces for parallel training.

In addition to the workshops themselves we’ve prepared Git contests, where attendees were hacking some very special repositories, and a Git repositories visualizations (thanks to Jarek Potiuk and gource tool), which brought a lot of attention.


We believe that thanks to this event we helped to raise the bar of development level in the environment, which, as we expect, will come back to us with better community, better developers to hire and better competition as well, because that’s a very good motivation to keep on improving after all.

Wojtek Erbetowski

Head of Engineering

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