December 28, 2017   |   3min read

Polidea’s Best Articles of 2017

With just few days left of the old year, we decided to share with you our most read 2017 articles.

Enjoy and happy New Year!

Keep Espresso Tests Stable with Android Test Orchestrator


Our Test Engineer Adam describes how to use the new Android tool for Gradle builds.

VR and AR are Here to Stay. Deal with it!


Take a brief look at Virtual and Augmented Realities and build your next VR/AR app with Polidea! Brought to you by Joanna (Communication Lead) and Chris (Senior VR/AR Engineer).

Trendwatching #1 – Web Summit 2017, AWE 2017, The Conference 2017


Our project managers, designers and VR/AR engineers were quite busy this year. Check out the highlights from Web Summit 2017, The Conference and AWE 2017. The best talks, speakers, innovations and tech trends that are not to be missed!

Article written in collaboration with Karolina, Dorota, Sławomir, Chris, Ula and Joanna.

Exploring Java 9. Private Interface Methods


A brief look at private interface methods by our Software Engineer Łukasz. The article was published just before Java 9 new release.

While working on the series we did our best to stay up-to-date with all the Java updates. Check out part 1 and part 2.

8 Mistakes to Avoid while Using RxSwift


8 mistakes to avoid while using RxSwift. Based on everyday practical use of RxSwift, this developer’s guide written by Krzysztof will help you enjoy reactive programming.

Maintaining Open-Source RxAndroidBle Library


A series of lessons coming from maintaining an open-source RxAndroidBle library by our Senior Software Engineer Darek. Developer’s insights and hands-on approach.

Check out lesson 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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