June 14, 2017   |   2min read

Polidea's 8th Anniversary: A Letter from our CEO

June is traditionally a month of celebrating Polidea’s birthday - around this time, 8 years ago, Jakub Lipiński decided to start his own venture. Polidea was born with strong engineering culture and goal to help other companies build beautiful and functional mobile applications.

We’ve been successfully doing it for all those years, but looking from a wider perspective I have to admit that we’re a totally different company today: with our Creative Team, unique IoT experience, and over 50 talented employees we’re even more suited to help our clients with digital transformation.

This birthday also marks an important milestone for myself, as it’s been 10 months since Jakub decided to step down and I took over the seat of the CEO. It’s been an exciting journey so far, full of great accomplishments: we were very active in Open Source community (with our BLE libraries crossing the mark of 1024 stars on Github), we took part in all major tech conferences and delivered a number of interesting and even life-changing projects. One of them, Braster, is a unique example of #PositiveTech. A solution for in-house breast cancer tests that can significantly change lives of many women.

Yet another example of how technology can positively influence reality is our project with Papereed - Stockholm-based startup. Their goal is to provide blind and visually impaired people with the opportunity to access newspaper and magazines content in voice form. Running test sessions with blind users gave us more insights on how regular daily activities can be affected by technology. We took a deeper dive in this topic with our Accessibility Report and the fourth edition of the MCE conference. #Positivetech tagline this year encouraged our speakers to share their experiences with designing and building meaningful technology.

At the same time this birthday marks an end of an era - Jarek, former Polidea’s CTO and Principal Engineer decided to embrace his technical career by joining a startup in Machine Learning field. He has supported our company for many years and he will continue to do so by joining the Supervisory Board. We wish him all the best in his new adventure.

So what’s next for Polidea? You’ll see more of our activity in IoT as we want to be at the forefront of development in this field with our Polidea Labs initiative. We’ll be also looking closely at new, hot tech (such as VR and AR) to be able to respond quickly to market needs.

Our strategy is to work with industry leaders and help them shape the future of technology. Keeping our design background in mind, we also want to deliver meaningful solutions that relate to our #PositiveTech attitude.

Moving to our new office in September will give us a chance to expand and with a growing team, we’ll be able to work on great projects, help more clients and remain a strong player in the community (both locally and on a global scale).

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Happy Birthday Polidea!

Grzegorz Kapusta

CEO, Polidea

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