October 26, 2015   |   1min read

Polidea will host the Warsaw edition of Code Retreat event!

The Global Day of Code Retreat 2015 is approaching in leaps and bounds! This year, we’re happy to announce Polidea will host a Code Retreat hands-on session on Saturday, November 14. Get the most experience out of working with skilled mobile developers (Android/iOS).

The session is aimed to attract experienced developers. It will be a great chance to work on cutting edge technologies, deliver automated tests and… delete your code! When discussing your work we will ask you to erase it with each repetition. Why? In order to make you focused on what you learn instead of what you create.

We intend to gather proficient developers hence the registration form contains questions about your skills. If you turn to be a good match you will get informed about it immediately.

If you plan on joining the event please apply by filling out the form

Polidea as a host will provide the workspace, as well as lunch and beverages.

For more information, please visit:

Wojtek Erbetowski

Head of Engineering

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