January 02, 2010   |   1min read

Polidea welcomes Jarek Potiuk as its new Chief Technology Officer

Polidea today announced that Jarosław Potiuk has joined the company as Chief Technology Officer. Potiuk will provide technology vision and leadership for company development teams and he will coordinate work carried out for strategic clients. One of his responsibilities will be also refinement of Polidea dedicated mobile software development methodology.

“Jarek is exactly the right technology manager for us” said Polidea CEO Jakub Lipiński. “He represents a very unique mix of skills, combining strong engineering background with very refined managerial skills and with good strategic insight. Especially that last quality is something very rarely found in the market today. He is also a geek, but in a very positive sense of the word, and this should allow him to quickly blend with the rest of our team”.

“I look forward to the blending” said Potiuk. “I have been able to collaborate with some of Polidea staff previously, including Jakub Lipiński, while organizing student workshops at the Warsaw University of Technology, sponsored by the company and also while at SkyCash, and that allowed me to observe that indeed, we all seem to share the same view of the software development process and the evolution of mobile market. Besides, Polidea is just a great place for a focused technology leader, clearly being at the forefront of the mobile development business in this part of Europe.”

“I am very pleased that we managed to convince Jarek to join us, as 2010 is going to be a very busy period for Polidea. We have several high profile and high technology projects in the pipeline, such as new Augmented Reality framework, and now, with the new CTO on board, I can rest assured that we can deliver them on schedule” added Jakub Lipiński.

Potiuk brings to Polidea more than 10 years of ICT management experience. Previously he was a CTO at SkyCash, responsible for successful implementation of one of the most advanced mobile payment platforms available worldwide and was working for Google as a Tech Team Leader and Manager helping to grow its first Polish R&D; center in Krakow. A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology, he had been also a multinational development teams technical manager and Head of Technology while at Computaris and development Systems Manager in global Center of Expertise at Procter & Gamble.

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