March 05, 2013   |   1min read

Polidea supported NameCollision hackaton

Friday evening, after a long work week, most people simply look forward to have some rest, but programmers choose to meet to code and hack even more. What makes them act like that? It’s a passion for programming to develop great tools. This passion compelled more than 80 geeks to Warsaw’s first NameCollision!.

"Hackathon overview"
Most normal folks are in the bars, pubs around Warsaw on Friday evening - not us - we crave only coding rocket fuel!

So on Friday, February 22nd. Starting at 6 p.m. the elite of Warsaw’s hacker community set about creating, extending and hacking mobile developer’s tools.

We are pretty proud that Polidea supported the event and of our colleagues who attended the event and had great results. Two of their projects have now gone public and you can use and contribute to them:

Konrad Rodzik presenting
No, it's not Kondie Karaoke, it's Kondie's contribution Android2iOS!

You may meet Polideans at more and more events, as attendees, speakers and organizers. If you wish to see us somewhere else - let us know!

Wojtek Erbetowski

Head of Engineering

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