June 18, 2013   |   3min read

Polidea gets a makeover

So Polidea is 4 years old now.


We celebrated in style at La Playa Beach club at the banks of the Vistula river. There was even cake!

In most other industries a four year old company might still be considered young - but in the mobile software world we’re dinosaurs. With that in mind, we decided that our logo needed to be refreshed. Our old logo has served us pretty well over the past four years but as time has gone by we became more aware that the logo didn’t really reflect who we are anymore.

So who are we?

We talked and looked at who we are, what makes us tick, who are customers are and what services we provide. After a period of introspection we decided to consult a few branding agency to help us out choosing a new logo.

Round one

The beginning was promising. We received a bunch of new logo drafts. Some of them were promsing, some of them less so :). Unfortunately a month later we found out it was hard to find an appropriate, simple and unique logo. Those agencies did their job, but we were simply unable to find a logo we liked. Probably they weren’t able to really get to know what makes us tick. So that’s when we decided to have a go ourselves!

First off, we brainstormed some ideas, from time to time having a eureka moment “this is it”! But then somebody would shoot down the idea and we returned to the drawing board. These iterations continued until we realized we were going round in circles and not really making any progress.

Round two

So we looked back. We summarized what we already worked out, and looked through our assumptions. Then inspiration struck and we found it!


We wanted something that would stand the test of time, that we could carry with us years. Right now Polidea develops mobile services, but tomorrow who knows what we’ll be working on…? The form of a mobile form played a large role in the design of the old logo - but this glowing box may in a few years be obsolete!

Polidea’s logo can be used in a variety of scenarios - user avatars, websites, t-shirts, facebook groups. We needed something that would adapt to these diverse media.

An important concept for our logo was to identify and distinguish the audience. We made the distinction between external communication for clients, where we apply the base logo, and internal communication for community and our empolyees where the base logo can be customized.

The base logo is formed by letter “P”. The central, square composition and serif basis of “P” communicates our stability and strength. Additionally, the serif font makes a professional and serious impression, however its humanistic glyph shapes projects a modern less formal edge to it. The straight cut drifts decisively up, it is precise and goes directly to the point. That’s the way how we deliver services to our customers.


… and some of us equate letter “P” with mathematical symbol, and cut with exponential growth, I don’t really know, but feel free to interpret it your way.

We kept the blue, as we didn’t want to part with it, and it’s also color associated with technology. Additionally we extended the palette with three supplementary colors, adding some freshness.


This is a base for further modifications. Polidea always provides services on the highest level – this is our constant – but it goes hand in hand with our elasticity and readiness for changes. We are taking up any challenge because we are flexible enough to respond to the evolving needs of our clients. We are always on time and adapt to the situations. Elasticity, plurality and appropriateness are expressed through the transition between base and modified logo.


The modified logo version is dedicated to Polidea’s greatest value, which is its employees. We establish the quality and professionalism of our services. We are young and vibrant. Each of us is unique, but we are well-oiled team. We are hard workers, but Polidea’s atmosphere is really relaxed.


Polidea is known as mobile development meetings and conferences organizer, we also shared open source code. Our modified logo may work for stickers, flyers or t-shirts, we will apply it in our office space. This identification system is alive!


That’s the moment where Polidea’s identity appears. Logo with it’s modular changeable part communicates openness and readiness for changes, willingness, and what’s important it communicates our vitality and playfulness. And come on, can’t you see guys, it’s all about our brains? :)

So, let me introduce to you Polidea’s makeover.

Karolina Chmiel

Head of Design

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