June 17, 2016   |   3min read

Polidea’s 7th Anniversary: A letter from our CEO

Today, Polidea is celebrating its 7-year anniversary. When we first started our company, the financial crisis was hitting its peak and investing into smartphone technologies and innovation was not a topic many people wanted to discuss. Regardless of this challenge, we acted on the belief that mobile phones were becoming people’s indispensable primary and everyday tool for communication, entertainment and work. It’s been 7 years since we first started to provide services, expertise and experience to the market. Since then, we have successfully delivered several dozen projects and applications.

Polidea has grown to a 50-person team of talented and experienced professionals, who are able to address a growing variety of diverse technical and design challenges. We have worked for clients from Poland, Europe and the United States. We developed our expertise regarding software integration with external devices while also expanding our offering to include an adept creative team. Polidea has also been closely involved in building a strong community of engineers and designers not just within the company. In connection to this community, our open source project has gained acknowledgment all over the world. Furthermore, the MCE conference that we organize is highly ranked both by its speakers and participants.

I feel lucky to have met so many people that contributed to development of Polidea during this time, and I’d like a to take a moment to recognize a few of these individuals. Jarek built such an incredible working environment for our developers that he eventually decided to become one of them. Karolina enriched our engineering DNA with the unmistakable creative component of interface design. Grzegorz brought a level of understanding and knowhow that addresses the needs of both client and employee. Maciek as a source of constant drive for self-improvement in the office, and Szymon, who has led us through some of our most challenging projects.

From what we have seen throughout our seven years of activity on the market, the most intriguing and challenging projects have consistently been from the United States. As one of the global centers for digital innovation today, this has also been where we have seen the greatest demand for our services. In order to more successfully compete for the most ambitious projects, we must make a more significant presence on the American market.

This is why, together with my family, I have made the decision to move to the USA for six months to work on solidifying and expanding our business network there. Because managing operations remotely is not in the best interest of either the company or our clients, Grzegorz Kapusta will take the reins at Polidea. Grzegorz, as many of you know, has been my right hand for several years. He knows every aspect of the company and has already been supporting me in its operation. As of today, Grzegorz has been appointed as member of the board and Co-CEO of Polidea. He is ready for these new challenges and opportunities, and for the next three months, he will be getting accustomed to his new role in order to ensure a smooth transition. However, as the chairman of the supervisory board, I will still be involved with strategic, ownership and sales decisions.

There is another development at Polidea we would like to share with you. Together, with other partners of Polidea, we have made the decision that the people who work at the company should also be able to become its owners as well. We are in the process of implementing programs that will empower each employee to become a co-owner and make decisions about the future of the company. At Polidea, we believe that adding these new partners from within the company will help foster a culture of ownership, enabling sustained dynamic growth during these upcoming years.

These changes are the beginnings of a new chapter in the life of Polidea. The team that is assuming new leadership roles is both talented and experienced, and we know that our new structure is the best way to continue our high level of service for both clients and employees. In closing, the last seven years have been incredible and I have never been more sure about the future of Polidea than I am today.

Jakub Lipiński

Chairman & Founder

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