February 07, 2013   |   1min read

Our presentation at PolyJam 2013

When you’re proud of something it’s always good to show off a little :) So i was really excited when asked to present the latest game we’ve worked on at Polidea to the guys at PolyJam 2013 in Warsaw. PolyJam is Warsaw’s contribution to the Global Game Jam so it was great to present and discuss ideas with other game minded individuals.

You can read more about the game on our web page but the concept behind it is to create a thriving arabian city from scratch. It’s multi-lingual and what’s more, having a game that works well with both latin and arabic alphabets is a real challenge! One of the smartest things about the game is how game assets and items are added and maintained. Our solution completely automates the maintenance of gaming assets allowing the administrators to change almost every aspect of the game from using a simple CMS.


Our team included iOS, backend, graphical and AI specialists. Together with our client we managed to put together what I believe is one of the best strategy games on the iPhone. The game has already proven extremely popular in the Middle East and we’re seeing growing usage especially over important holiday periods such as Ramadan. Fortunately, we have a backend infrastructure designed especially for such spikes in usage as well as an over increase in the number of game sessions.

You can watch our Polyjam presentation (in Polish):

Konrad Rodzik

Staff Software Engineer

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