April 29, 2013   |   3min read

Mobile Warsaw #1

At Polidea, we care a lot about Software Craftsmanship. We think about ourselves as not only engineers and designers, but also as craftsmen (and craftswomen) who not only do their work but also continuously learn and raise the bar for themselves, as well as share what we learn with others. One part of this are our Open Source projects, where we share with community the parts of our work that can be useful for others. Very recently however we also started to think that it is the right time to help with organizing the community of mobile software development professionals. That’s how Mobile Warsaw was born.


Together with our fellow mobile development friends from Macoscope and Futuremind we started a meetup group with the main goal - Mobile Developers talking to Mobile Developers about what they have learned and share their experience with broader audience.

On Monday, April 22nd the first of Mobile Warsaw meetups happened. The event was very popular between the Mobile Developers crowd - it took about three days (and during a weekend at that) that all our 65 places filled up and after couple more days we had 15 more people in the waiting list.

The venue we chose was great. Crux is not only a coffee house and a bar but there is also a climbing wall and it was quite unusual to see people climbing behind our projection screen while our presenters shared their experiences:


Speaking of presenters - at the image above Bartek Ciechanowski made a great presentation about using OpenGL when the standard controls of UIKit in iOS are not enough (in this case when you have display, animate and move around 80K bubbles at iPad screen). Bartek had shown the road he walked when he built Bubble Browser - he has shown the steps he has done from simple UIKit implementation (which handled just about 400 bubbles) to fully optimized OpenGL ES implementation (which handled 80K of those). Pretty impressive improvement.

The second presenter was Krzysztof Zabłocki who was one of the creators of Foldify - one of the greatest successes in the Appstore for Polish applications (application that was featured in US App store, was Editor Choice app in many AppStores in the world. Also voted as one of AppStore’s “10 apps that WOW”. For those who do not know - Foldify is a very cool application joining the digital world of iPad with real world of 3D figures you can build yourself.


The presentation was about experiences from building the app - including the problems, solutions, correct and wrong decisions made when the application was build and published. It was great to see Krzysztof openly sharing his experiences - which might help others following their footsteps in creating mobile apps.

One of the behind-the-scenes gossips from the meeting - Mariusz (another co- creator of Foldify) shared that the application is used by a doctor for therapy of autistic children. That’s simply wow!

After the presentation networking session lasted till late night.


Overall the event was great, we got very good comments from participants and we are already working on the next event - in about a month. It looks like the community is hungry for such meetings and it is nothing but pleasure to be able to help with making the event happen.

See you at the next event!

Jarek Potiuk

Principal Software Engineer

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