October 02, 2014   |   3min read

Meet the Team. The Polidea Creative Team.

We are starting Polidea Design Month to promote good design practices, push ourselves to do better work and show the creative side of the company. Since at Polidea we are all fans of open source, we are going to share a set of tutorials explaining how we simplify our daily design work. We are also working on a new design initiative to build the community in Warsaw. Stay tuned for specifics, which we will announce at the end of the month. To top it all off, we are looking for a new designer to join our team! See the details here.

At Polidea, everyone works to achieve the highest product quality. Our company has had great programmers from the start, so the code was always top-notch. But great engineering is only half the story: to create a truly engaging app, you need a high quality user interface, so the Creative Team at Polidea evolved to fulfill this need. Our focus is to create applications according to the stages of the design process, which makes decisions stand the test of time; after analysing users’ and clients’ needs, we create concepts and create incresingly refined prototypes until the best solution is achieved. To assure that all features work well, implementation always proceed in close collaboration between designers and programmers. In addition to designing mobile apps, many other activities exploit the creativity, analytical thinking and enthusiasm of the team, like MCE Conf, which demands our organisational skills. We also conduct workshops, design brand identities and internal merchandise and plan our new office.

The forte of our team is trust, which means there is always somebody there to put out a fire. I appreciate the moments we stimulate our creativity, inspiring each other so that discussed ideas evolve like a snow ball. We are optimistic and joyous, but don’t think its always sweet and pleasant - at work we try to communicate openly and put things point-blank. Mutual constructive criticism is the base of our progress and makes for a tight-knit team.


So who is the team?

Gosia Jabłońska has been at Polidea since the iPhone 4, or even longer. She is broadly talented: she dances, plays ukulele, sings, draws and spins hula hoop. She’s a great graphic designer, too. Dubious about any system UI issues or have any problem with Android density? Gosia has all the guidelines at her fingertips which connected with experience and intuition always culminates in great design. Add superb Photoshop, animation and movie editing skills, and you get a very meticulous designer.

If there is something that has to get done, be sure that Gosia Dzierżewicz will do it in a much simpler and faster manner, as simplifying processes is her domain. She is constantly developing new ways of communicating and cooperating with programmers, to great success. We also call her Mrs. Font – she will not forgive wrong kerning. She is reasonable and responsible, but firm when necessary, so don’t mess with her. Małgosia is a great information architect, the author of MCE’s visual side and a product designer by trade.

Magda Zadara is our most recent team member and already indispensable. Thanks to her language skills, she’s our voice in the media. She knows how to ask questions and she’s able to pry all necessary information from our clients. So, in need of a conversation? Go on, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. A hard-worker and committed to all her activities, she’s always willing to lend a hand. She’s a product designer by education, too, having studied it in London, where she got interested in design methodology.

I am doing my best to take care and give support to the team. As a designer, I’m the design process freak and structural thinking mind. I try to be conscientious and don’t let anything slip in the scope of work and my research experience is very valuable at the early stage of design. I always ask questions trying to broaden our perspective. I admire the team I work with, and honestly, they don’t leave much to do for me.

Karolina Chmiel

Head of Design

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