March 27, 2014   |   2min read

Makerland: we came, we saw, we conquered!

Polidea’s main area of interest is mobile Software Craftsmanship. We all know that software is very important, however, it’s only one of the components that is part of the mobile landscape. The other important part, is hardware. Polidea has successfully worked on hardware projects in the past and is currently involved in few others. These projects are always very innovative and exciting!

As we want to constantly improve our skills and share knowledge with others, Polidea has sent a group of its engineers to the Makerland conference.


Source: Makerland

Makerland was an event organized for everyone interested in getting to know the world of makers and hardware. It took place in Warsaw, Poland from March 17th to 19th. Those 3 days were filled with tech talks and intensive workshops on: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, 3D printing, iBeacons, micro-location, robots and everything else that you can label as the ‘Internet of things’.


Polidea’s Karolina, Gosia, Antek and Piotrek organized a Lilypad Smartwatch workshop. In a few steps you could learn how to make an interactive soft circuit and how to use basic controllers in order to create various functions for a multifunction smartwatch. What got people really excited about our workshop was that they could experiment with various materials as well as the chance to cut, sew, and create something that could really give the user a lot of fun.

The culmination of the conference was a hackathon, and we couldn’t miss out on the chance to take part in it. Our team was involved in the following projects: Turtle Bot, Ultrasonic Drums and Magic Wound. Everyone managed to complete their inventions before time elapsed and we are really proud of what we were able to come up with in such a short time.


Above is our Ultrasonic Drums created with Arduino and distance sensors.


This is Antek with the Turtle Bot. Antek and the team won first place! Congratulations Antek and good job!

We all had a great time playing with the hottest hardware available on the market. Makerland, see you next year!

Jarosław Gajak

Senior Software Engineer

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