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Sneak peek behind the scenes of MCE 2017


Let the countdown begin! MCE 2017 – the fourth edition of the Warsaw-based conference dedicated to new technologies is coming! Dedicated to both engineering and design, this year’s edition is about #PositiveTechnology – the essence of what tech is all about: human development! #PositiveTech that solves societal problems (ecological, social, cultural), that makes our lives more meaningful, that pushes humanity towards more humanity. MCE is not about more technology but about better and meaningful tech!

PositiveTech in your work

We are looking above our mobile phone screens and making MCE the platform for exciting discussions. But we also want all the attendees to understand and consider the possible impacts their jobs might have on society and start wondering what kind of world they would like to build with their skills and knowledge.

PositiveTech by influencers



You can read all about MCE’s speakers here but just to give you a feeling of what is going to happen… David Lipkin – the man, who created Method, will shed some light on connecting design and business – how the one is fueling the other, why it matters and how designers can help building long-term relationships with customers. Manuel Clément, who is a VR UX Designer and Prototyper at Google, will be sharing his thoughts on creating Daydream (VR headset by Google!). Sophia Voychehovski just warns: you will leave her lecture thinking differently about how you design. And you may not be able to un-think it! Especially after seeing a new tool for creating an information architecture.

For all researchers out there – we’re going to witness an inspiring confrontation of two themes – positive design and delightful experiences. Fascinated by the interplay of people, design, and technology, Anna Pohlmeyer will be there, fighting for prolonging positive experiences. Whitney Quesenbery on the other hand, will answer a daring question: Can paying taxes be engaging or even delightful?


Engineering talks will cover a wide range of themes. The subject of accessibility will be discussed by Jeff Watkins and Sally Shepard among the others. We will also have the opportunity to dive into “lessons learned” from the working of an iOS and Android team. Maybe it’s not about the constant fight between the two but rather teamwork approach – you will be able to learn that from Michael May and Romain Piel. We also have the usual deep-dive in the technologies mobile developers breathe – Cyril Mottier and Károly Lőrentey amongst others will go deeply under the hood of Android and iOS apps respectively. Also, for those who would like to learn how to become a VR developer, you will be able to get thoughts from Dale Knauss, who has already made this journey.

The whole agenda is here.

PositiveTech to connect people

You heard about networking, right? But do you know that we created a special tool to make it simpler, easier, funnier and cooler? Idea Mixer is more than a regular networking game. It’s an opportunity to brew your own, super hipster coffee or high-quality tea, meet really awesome people and even – win tickets for MCE’s next edition or hundreds of points that can be used during… After Party. Wanna become a networking guru and get drinks for all your new friends?


PositiveTech to keep the energy flowing

Active participation is the key – the workouts are going to be the place for you to engage in heated discussion, prove your ideas true or defend your standpoint. As the name suggests, they will be energetic, exciting and challenging. Psst… we are even going to design the character and personality of artificial intelligence with Magdalena Paluch !

PositiveTech in 15 minutes

15-minute flash talks will deliver the maximum of content in the minimum of time. Fast, to the point and lively, they will include news about emerging start-ups, updates from the market or some other, totally unexpected themes. We can’t even predict them right now. Definitely great for lunchtime!

PositiveTech in a great city

MCE is organized in Warsaw – lively city, bursting with energy, especially during spring and summer seasons! You’re gonna love the vibes: restaurants by the river, drink bars in the old town, traditional polish cuisine and the choice of various spots with dishes from all around the world. To give you the idea, we prepared a short guide with the best places to visit for: breakfast – you can choose between SAM Kameralny in Powiśle, really close to the MCE’s great venue, Charlotte Menora in the beautiful Plac Grzybowski but also Palmier in Żurawia. As for the best lunch options, you can visit Nadwiślański Świt or the great new spot called Koszyki – classy and elegant, designed in an industrial style, offering a wide range of delicious menus. Also, check out our subjective guide with lunch spots here. As for dinner – the choice is great! Just to name the few: Rozbrat 20, Dziurka od Klucza or beautiful and elegant U Fukiera.

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