April 28, 2016   |   3min read

MCE^3 Tour d'horizon

The third edition of MCEconf in Warsaw closed last weekend and we felt, as organisers, really proud to be initiating such a vibrant gathering. Once again, the Palace of Culture welcomed la creme de la creme of the tech world at the central heart of Europe, for 3 frantic days of talks, parties and workshops! Tour d’horizon 2016…


Diving into MCEconf crowd was like embracing all aspects of mobile innovation at once. We made sure to have all areas covered with impactful talks that would bring knowledge and entertainment to all our guests. This year, 480 attendees came to listen to over 50 speakers!

It was on a clear, blue skied Thursday morning that Ash Furrow opened the ball with a really inspiring talk about the state of the iOS devs community, who are the architects of tomorrow’s advanced technologies. For two full days the attendees were free to wander through rapid streams of knowledge inspired by design, mobile development and product management. The choice of performances was mind-boggling - four talks at the time, each one led by the best experts in their areas: from a glimpse at Airbnb by Steve Selzer who gave a presentation on the human-centered future that awaits us (and that it will be even better if we keep the frictions in); to Natasha Murashev alias @NatashaTheRobot on how to stop subclassing with the power of protocol-oriented programming.

All the speakers united together for those two days in the effort to keep us moving towards creating better design, tech solutions and products; and shared their knowledge to point the colourful crowd towards the innovative outlook on the world. And all of this in the atmosphere of a transdisciplinary elation. The speakers’ sessions were ended on a Friday afternoon with a sparkingly entertaining talk from Steli Efti’s CEO/poet, about the necessity for companies to humble down and get to know their customers in depth in order to avoid being “f**d” (his title, not ours!). conference (all the talks will be uploaded to MCEconf Youtube channel)

After the talks were over, we still had the whole of Saturday for workshops to take place. The workshop sessions were hosted in the great interiors of PinUp studios. The guests were now asked to participate and had a chance to put their hands and brains on things: if one wanted to learn how to model and 3D-print on textiles with Anastasia Pistofidou; or conceptualize emerging societal needs into services ideas with Ricardo Brito and Paul Houghton. jitter

The last but not least, this tour d’horizon could not be complete without talking about Polidea’s networking app: IdeaMixer, that helped us greatly to facilitate the crowd mingling. We all know that conferences are great to be at for all those inspiring talks, but their equally important purpose is to network with other industry professionals. New links are being formed at lunch tables, between two speeches or during after parties (which there were quite many for such a short period of time). The size of events like MCEconf creates a friendly atmosphere auspicious for new encounters. Yet, we wanted to make sure that our guests would get the most out of it, so we dedicated a team of designers and developers to create a networking game app that would serve as an icebreaker and ensure even more connections were formed and that no one was left aside. That’s how the IdeaMixer was born. Thanks to the app, more than 350 challenges were completed, 100s of coffees & teas brewed, 250 selfies taken, and even more contacts exchanged. ideamixer

Considering all the above, we think we can really call the MCE^3 a success! The Polidea team would like to thank all the amazing participants that helped us make all of this happen, and more especially Proidea for being such an amazing co-host! We are already planning the next MCE, with some big and unexpected changes. Stay tuned!

Jason Moisio

Communication Specialist

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