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MCE 2017 as a Truly #PositiveTech Event

MCE 2017, the fourth edition of our technology conference, is behind us! This year the leading theme was #PositiveTech - technology that makes our lives more meaningful, that deals with societal problems, that pushes humanity towards more humanity. It was not about more technology but about better and meaningful tech.

What are the 4 things that made it a truly #PositiveTech event?


MCE was always about people - those who create new technologies, who are passionate about engineering, design and who want to change the world! Sharing knowledge has always been in Polidea’s DNA and MCE 2017 is yet another great example of how the international community enjoys meeting, talking, networking and presenting!

Over 600 attendees made it the biggest MCE edition so far - united in the #PositiveTech quest for knowledge and looking for the meaning of life as it turned out in our questionnaires - aren’t we all? :)

They enjoyed 2 tracks of talks with great speakers from all around the world!


41 speakers came to Warsaw and presented their insights on subjects centered around new technologies. How did they receive this year’s edition?


“It’s almost impossible not leave MCE without making new friends. The attendees, the presenters, and the organizers make this one of the friendliest, and informative conferences I’ve ever attended!” Billy Gregory


“What I like about MCE is the energy created by bringing designers and engineers from so many different fields together at one conference, It’s a celebration of ideas, and the discussions that happen before and after the talks are as inspiring as the talks themselves!” Frank Long


“Being part of MCE was just great and I will definitely recommend it to everyone for next year. It is a conference that brings together designers and developers, and this is something rare, to speak about positive technology, accessibility and future challenges.” Marzia Battaglia


The event was organized by our Polidea’s team: Jarek Potiuk, Magda Rydiger, Przemek Pomaski, Grzegorz Kapusta, Maciej Oczko and supported by volunteers and many others. Our great co-host was Proidea. The whole team was doing its best to provide the smoothest experience possible!


“Polidea has been organizing MCE for 4 years now - each year there’s something different, new and fresh. Connecting different areas of interest and people from different backgrounds has become our thing. This time they were all united by #PositiveTech - the theme centered around meaningful technology that can serve humanity.” Grzegorz Kapusta


“What I really like about this edition is that as a community of engineers and designers, we started to recognize that our everyday work affects world around us and it’s up to us to decide if we’re gonna change it in positive way. We’re responsible for what we build and for the technology and services we create. I loved all the discussions around that topic during MCE 2017.” Jakub Lipiński


“I am the founder of MCE and one of very few people who organized all four editions. It’s amazing to see how the event evolved - it’s always been at the forefront of trends in the mobile space and it has also reflected Polidea’s evolution. This year, there were two aspects of it - it’s the first time when design community and design speakers have become a really strong part of the conference - around 35% of our attendees were designers and the design line-up could definitely appeal not only to UX designers but also researchers. More importantly - we thought about the #PositiveTech theme almost a year ago. It is the reflection of our work and cooperation with our clients. Some of them even presented on stage and it is yet another proof that #PositiveTech is becoming more and more important. It’s great to see that MCE 2017 sparked a lot of discussion around it.” Jarek Potiuk


“Having a chance to shape this year MCE was an unforgettable experience. We are proud of how design and engineering line-ups complemented each other. The balance between those two tracks triggered the amazing energy and created a perfect space to exchange new ideas and dive into inspiring discussions. We invited great designers and researchers from all around the world. They are really inspiring when it comes to their expertise but they are also super friendly people. It was a pleasure not only to learn from their experience, but also to get to know them personally.” Magdalena Rydiger and Przemek Pomaski


Another edition of MCE, yet another edition of Idea Mixer networking game created by Polidea! Read more about the whole concept here but just to give the idea of how it went…









MCE 2017 started with the panel discussion led by Jarek Potiuk, who was joined by Jeff Watkins from Metrocat, Siri Betts-Sonstegard from IBM Watson Health, Billy Gregory from Paciello Group and Michael May from Wrisk. This symbolic introduction was also the discussion where designers and engineers meet together - the one that was followed by a series of such - formal and from informal ones, conducted on stage and during after parties. This was the true essence of MCE - mixing the people with various backgrounds and experiences to create the truly magical atmosphere.


MCE’s theme covered: accessibility, inclusion, humanizing technology, design for civic life, human autonomy, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence. We have also looked into more specific topics like Swift and Kotlin programming, optimizing apps, object-oriented UX and many others. See MCE’s agenda for details.\ We’ll be publishing the videos soon so stay tuned!


MCE’s attendees, organizers, speakers were all seen and heard on social media! Just to give you the feeling of how our #MCE2017 hashtag rocked Twitter :)

You can also find lots of photos on Instagram


We would like to thank you all for this amazing event! It gave us a lot of #positive energy and definitely a power to create another edition. If you want to see the photos and videos from the event, check MCE Facebook. Let’s meet next year!

Joanna Kasprzak-Kajder

Head of Marketing

Przemek Pomaski

UX/UI Designer

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