January 05, 2018   |   2min read

Let’s meet at CES 2018! Polidea in Las Vegas

Next week is all about CES! Consumer Electronic Show will most probably gather the impressive crowd of 180K tech creators in Las Vegas. We’ll be there to talk, meet and learn. What can we expect? According to Endgadget’s predicitons, we’re likely to hear more about super-efficient personal devices (the word “computer” seems a bit outdated already), advanced smart home appliances, health tracking wearables, brand new cars and gaming opportunities. In 2018 sky’s the limit when it comes to IoT!

Tech Radar makes it shorter, claiming that during CES we’ll see ‘everything from 8K televisions and connected fridges to laptops and self-driving cars’.

For me it’s all about consumers… and creating solutions that will not only assist in their everyday activities but will make their experiences broader, richer and more satisfying. Such events set the direction of progress and let us catch some trends and translate them into the solutions we create—we simply have to be a part of it. We’re into smart devices challenging the status quo and changing the way we work, live, have fun. I— personally—usually look for innovative projects that will disrupt the tech world as we know it.


Let’s talk, brainstorm, evaluate!

We’ll be there with Polidea’s CEO Grzegorz and Chairman & Founder Jakub. We’ll discuss our VR and AR projects, IoT solutions like Braster, Timeular, e-commerce Showroom app and reflect on the new and innovative products presented.

Are you going to be there? Join us in the discussion! To schedule a meeting, simply shoot me an e-mail here!

See you in Las Vegas!

Maciej Głowacki

Head of Growth

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