June 06, 2013   |   2min read

Introducing the iOS app Pause to reconnect us with the real life

Please note: Pause app has been discontinued as of Oct 16th, 2015. We hope you enjoyed all your pauses. Thanks for using the app and your support.

Aldous Huxley once said that men have an “almost infinite appetite for distractions”. Little did he know that just 50 years later today’s mobile phones will satisfy and increase this appetite. According to the Guardian we pick up our phones 200 times per day. This basically means that every 5 minutes we interrupt whatever we are doing stare at our phones. Emails, messages, likes, comments, friendship requests, and reminders are vibrating, buzzing and pinging, constantly begging for our immediate attention. We quickly forget what living in the here and now means and more importantly that the real meaning of the word “social” is to devote your time entirely to the people around you.

The moment I discovered myself glaring at the bright glowing rectangle while spending time with my kids at the playground was the tipping point. I soon further realised that every new mobile application we ship as Polidea only contributes to the global digital addiction. This is how the idea of Pause was born: let’s create an application that will encourage people to spend some of their time offline, in real life.

Pause works by tracking the amount of time your phone is offline. Open the app, set the amount of time you want to be offline and the activity you plan on doing. Finally, activate the Airplane Mode in your phone’s Settings to complete the process. It is that easy. Read a book, cook a meal, talk with your friends - disconnect from the digital to reconnect to the real.


Every time you pause we share it on Facebook. We’ve also introduced a leaderboard so that you can compete with your friends on who spends the most time offline. The standard model of gamification has been stood on its head and rather than poking at a screen in order to rack up points, this time you must simply put it down.


Pause your digital life from time to time. There is a life beyond your screen. We wish each minute you spend offline brings you closer to the real.

Visit to read more and download Pause.

Jakub Lipiński

Chairman & Founder

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