October 25, 2013   |   1min read

Introducing non-technical Talks at Polidea

Part of Polidea’s mission is to promote its employees learning and growth. To accomplish this goal, we conduct internal research, work with challenging projects, invite technical experts who are presenting their expertise, organise events and internal Tech Talks. We’ve had already over 22 Tech Talks in 2013 (as of mid-October 2013). We keep sharing our knowledge among the company.

Tech skills are not the only ones we should develop. Learning and growth should go beyond the tech world. Recently, we have introduced something new: Polidea Non-Tech Talks. The talks will be conducted mostly by the external specialists who will visit and coach us on health, finance, art, philosophy and more. We believe that by becoming smarter people, we will also be better engineers.


The first talk has been conducted by a health trainer who taught us on how to sit healthy by the desk, take breaks and stretch our muscles. He praised our standing desks and exercise balls. Generally, in terms of your spine health - the more diverse your posture is along the day, the better. We’re looking forward for his next speech on healthy workout.


Jakub Lipiński

Chairman & Founder

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